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About Us

SunLand company, located in Khorasan Razavi province, has set up the latest quality control laboratories, processing, and packaging units. The raw material is gathered from our family-owned lands and a trusted network of farmers, packed in bulk and consumer packages. SunLand also offers private labeling and white labeling for international customers. Consequently, we have maintained consistent product excellence, providing all types of Iranian saffron. SunLand achieved Iran Food and Drug Administration, Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, and World Halal certificates, relying on years of experience and expertise.

Saffron in our laboratory is analyzed in accordance with ISO 3632 for chemical substances including Crocin, Picrocrocin, Safranal, color additives, and microbiological criteria. SunLand agriculture experts monitor the processing stages to follow hygienic protocols during harvest, stripping, and drying production levels.

Why Sunland

Practical Experience

Our Supply chain recognition and market awareness is achieved through years of local and international presence.

QA and Traceability

Supplying from a trusted network of local farmers, and compliance to global food standards, gives us the confidence to guarantee the quality and traceability of our products.

Customer Services

Being responsive on time is our foremost priority when it comes to customers and clients. Doing business with us, you can be sure about after-sales and pre-sales services.

Tailor-made supplying solutions

Familiarity with the needs of the markets and customers help us to provide different types of saffron based on customer demands.

Certificates and Awards