Bulk Saffron

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It is possible to experience perfect bulk saffron purchasing through reputable suppliers such as SunLand Saffron Company. We provide our international customers with all types of Iranian saffron in bulk, including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Pushal, bunch, white, and powder saffron. Our bulk saffron is featured with the same quality as retail saffron packages, all packed in durable packages to retain the saffron quality in transport.

To buy saffron in bulk, your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for bulk inquiries should be 10 kg. Moreover, you can rest assured about the quality of saffron because our product is analyzed in accordance with ISO 3632 for chemical substances including Crocin, Picrocrocin, Safranal, color additives, and microbiological criteria.

Therefore, Saffron importers and other industries from all around the world can buy saffron in bulk from SunLand Company with confidence and peace of mind about the quality of the final product.

Saffron bulk price per kg

Saffron is the most valuable spice in the world and the price of saffron can vary depending on various factors including:

  • Type of saffron
  • Quality of saffron 
  • Market conditions including demand and supply 
  • Currency exchange rate

On average, high-quality saffron can range from $1,135 to $1,720 per kilogram. In bulk orders, customers can receive volume discounts on special occasions and under special circumstances. Therefore, it’s best to check with our sales experts to receive the most up-to-date pricing information.

SunLand bulk saffron packaging

Saffron importers and international customers can buy saffron in bulk packaging of 250 and 500 grams. Yet, it is possible to provide 25,100- and 400-gram packages upon customer request in nylon packaging inside a cardboard box. Moreover, upon customer request, metal boxes can be used for more protection against crushing and damage to saffron threads.

How to buy SunLand bulk saffron?

To buy saffron in bulk from SunLand company, we expect to receive your detailed inquiry via official email address, including the type of saffron, quality, requested quantity, destination, and delivery terms. Our sales experts will get back to you via email or phone number for more arrangements.

Our company offers purchase consultation to clearly identify customer needs and engages in the product supply process to provide the best quality of saffron at a reasonable price, consistent with the requirements of the target market. Also you can buy wholesale saffron in best price from us.