Benefits of Saffron Essential Oils

Five Magical Benefits of Saffron Essential Oils


People get shocked, once they hear the benefits of saffron essential oils. Saffron essential oil is magic to the skin, hair, and overall health. saffron essential oils, derived from saffron stigmas, are widely used for skincare, haircare, and facemask products and bring a number of health benefits. It has extraordinary soothing and nourishing properties, helping you look younger and healthier.

what are benefits of saffron oil for skin?

Saffron essential oils for skincare

Saffron essential oils  for skincare are widely used in skincare products and home-made facemasks. Even a few drops of saffron oil, which is mixed with other types of oil as a carrier. Below, we’ll check the potential effects of safran essential oil on skin.

Saffron oil fights against acne:

Saffron oils are not only beneficial in the treatment and clearance of acne and blemishes, but also, they are good in the treatment of their spots and marks. Once you add saffron oil to your homemade facemasks, you can benefit from the saffron anti-bacterial properties of saffron oil.

Use of saffron oil as skin toner:

Use of saffron oil as skin toner:

Saffron oil contains antioxidant properties, which is great for your skin tone. Using saffron essential oil, you will give your skin a healthy glow and prevent from appearance of blackheads and whiteheads.

Have brighter skin with saffron essential oils

You probably have dull and dark skin because of exposure to harmful sun rays and polluted air.

Saffron essential oil has many other benefits for the skin. Generally, safran essential oils speed up the healing process of wounds and scars, nourishes, and moisturize the skin, etc.


How Kesar oil is beneficial for hair?

How Kesar oil is beneficial for hair?

Saffron essential oil can also be used for hair care purposes. Saffron essential oils prevent hair loss, reduce spilt ends, improve hair growth, reverse the hair damage process, and reduce split ends while improving hair’s overall texture.

What are benefits of saffron essential oils on overall health?

Saffron essential oil’s soothing and magical fragrance can improve mood, acts as a natural aphrodisiac, and decreases stress and anxiety. Saffron oil essential has also proved to be useful for weight loss purposes.

Saffron oils fragrance can also improve asthma, cough, and viral diseases, as well as treating menstrual cramps and PMS in women.

How to use saffron essential oils?

It depends on what you are using the saffron oils for. For example, you can scrub or massage saffron oil to your face skin as a part of your skincare routine. If you are using them for hair care purposes, you can easily add the oil to your shampoo or hair conditioner, and let it stay for a few minutes. Some people do not blend it with shampoos and conditioners; therefore, it is also used as a single haircare product.

Saffron essential oil products:

Many cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies produce saffron essential oil. Below we list some examples of saffron essential oil products on the market. Surely, the list is not limited to the below brands, as the saffron popularity is rising for its wide applications:

  • Earth essence (Health Happiness) Pure Uncut Therapeutic / Aromatherapy Grade Saffron Essential Oil
  • dève herbs
  • “Greenwood Essential”
  • Globaticherbs
  • Etc.

Find saffron to make saffron essential oils:

No matter what method companies use to produce saffron essential oils, they need pure saffron as the main ingredient. Many cosmetic companies purchase saffron for industrial purposes, to produce skincare and haircare products. One of their main products, which is useful for hair and skin, is saffron essential oils. SunLand saffron company produces the best Iranian saffron for export purposes and has proudly supplied pure Persian saffron in recent years for many international cosmetics companies.

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