buying saffron near me

How to Find Saffron Near Me?

Imagine you are having a party tonight and you intend to cook some Iranian food for dinner. Surely, you need saffron to add to your recipe. Most Iranian dishes, and recently many other recipes from different regions, require saffron to give food an extraordinary taste and fragrance. You most probably need pure saffron to make a saffron dish. If not available, you can use other saffron substitutions that we introduced in “What Spices Are Similar to Saffron?

However, we warn you none of those saffron substitution options has the exact taste and aroma of real saffron, but you can get some red coloring with a different aroma and taste.

On the other hand, if you run out of saffron in your kitchen, then you need to go to some supermarket or specialty store that sells saffron and other spices.

What is saffron?

The three red strands that grow on saffron flower and are surrounded by its petal are called saffron spice. Even saffron petals have wonderful benefits, almost similar to saffron strands. These three strands are valuable as one kilo of saffron is derived from nearly 170,000 saffron flowers which require lots of manual work to grow, harvest, separate and dry.

Tips for buying saffron:

Do not buy ground saffron. There is a high chance of fraud unless you trust the seller. With ground quality, you can’t understand if the saffron you are buying is fake or adulterated. Mostly, fraudulent sellers sell the saffron powder to easily add turmeric, safflower, and other substances such as starch.

what is saffron?

Only buy saffron from reputable sources. Many companies and markets provide saffron for its high-profit margin, but not all of them are trustworthy. To get high-quality, pure Iranian saffron you should buy from a reputable source and producer, certified under food, drug and other valid food standards.

Packaging and storage: Apart from package style and beauty, the saffron should be stored in proper packaging to not lose its properties in the longer run. Some shops keep saffron in plastic and transparent packages which are not suitable options to store saffron. We listed proper saffron containers in our guide “How to Store Saffron?” SunLand uses standard packaging options and accepts custom packaging in wholesale orders. 

Next time you were searching: “buying saffron near me” don’t forget to consider the tips we mentioned.

How to find saffron around me?

SunLand Saffron packaging

Surely, there are many Iranian saffron outlets around the world. In some regions, it is not hard to find high-quality Iranian saffron, while it can be rare in some other regions. For example, you can easily find Iranian saffron in UAE and Canada, while it can be a bit harder to find top-quality Iranian saffron in Russia or Switzerland. You can always find saffron in Iranian hypermarkets or some specialty stores, however; they cannot all be trusted.

You can also order saffron from reputable saffron online shops or saffron producers’ websites which sell saffron retail packaging online.  

We, SunLand Saffron company, produce and export Iranian saffron to more than 34 countries. We gathered a list of countries in which you can easily find Iranian saffron. Next time you run out of saffron, you can directly buy from us or from companies we supply saffron for in different countries. You can buy consumer package saffron online for different retailing purposes, enabling all customers to provide SunLand Saffron all around the world.

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