Saffron Benefits for Depression

Incredible Saffron Benefits for Depression

As a result of this new, and modern lifestyle, many are suffering from major depressive disorders. Major depression disorders require long-term treatments. There are many chemical drugs to boost mood or reduce depressive symptoms. However, a saffron benefit for depression has turned this spice into herbal medicine. This blog post is dedicated to saffron benefits for depression. 

Many experiments have proved saffron’s effectiveness to treat mild-to-moderate depression symptoms. Some experiments compared the saffron effect for depression disorders against the placebo group. Some results suggest that saffron is more effective than placebo, while others proved them as effective as the latter. 

Saffron benefit for depression is certain, however; different studies have found different treatment duration or saffron dosages. Among all, most studies showed that depressive symptoms improved significantly after 4-6 weeks of regular dosage-based saffron usage. The time period and saffron dosage greatly depend on depression level.

Relying on the derived data from many experiments, saffron is claimed to be a mood booster and relaxing, too. Saffron can greatly affect emotional health by reducing levels of anxiety, boosting overall mood, and relaxation effect.

Saffron has many more benefits for human being health. To have a general look at some of the main saffron health benefits and pharmaceutical uses, it is advisable to read ” What are Saffron Health Benefits?

How does saffron work for depression?

saffron for depression

Saffron stigma antidepressant effect comes from its vast safranal and crocin constituents. On the other hand, saffron petals have the same antidepressant effect for their kaempferol component. Kaempferol has a positive effect in eliminating immobility behavior in people. Persian saffron is known as a great source of safranal and crocin. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies buy Iranian saffron and saffron petal as the main ingredient to some of their herbal drugs.

To boost overall mood and eliminate depression symptom, it is recommended to buy Iranian saffron from reputable sources. As there is the risk of providing fake saffron, it is not wise to buy saffron from an unknown source. SunLand has been active in saffron industry for years and provides many services, such as providing the best Persian Zaferan in bulk and consumer packages, and white/private labeling.


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