Pushal Saffron bulk packaging


  • Price:  1385 USD (FOB Price per kg)
  • Product weight: 25 gr, 100 gr, 250 gr, 400 gr, 500 gr
  • Item type: pushal Saffron
  • Package Information: Plastic packaging within a cardboard box

Pushal saffron is the most preferred type by European companies, and it is widely used in industrial uses for its chemical and bioactive ingredients.

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Pushal saffron, or Filament saffron, is publicly known as a more trusted type of saffron as it contains a bit of style. Its long, vibrant red strands with a touch of yellow at the tip, with its astonishing fragrance and floral and honey-like taste notes make it a suitable option for various culinary and industrial purposes. There are three noticeable qualities of this saffron type, determined by stigma thickness and length of the white saffron attached to it.

Features of bulk Pushal Saffron:

  • 100% pure Pushal saffron
  • Top-quality of saffron in various packaging
  • Normally, the coloring power of Pushal saffron ranges between 210 to 260 units. 
  • Light red, crumbled, weaker look compared to All-Red saffron family 
  • Poushal saffron contains 1-8 mm style or white saffron

Our Pushal saffron is sourced from our high-quality saffron lands in Khorasan province. Our trusted network of farmers, relying on years of experience and expertise, produce the best saffron, and our final product is monitored at all levels of production to ensure the high quality of the goods!

Buy Bulk Pushal Saffron:

Many international importers or saffron buyers prefer to buy Iranian saffron for culinary uses, or other industrial uses such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, cosmetics, perfumery, etc. Relying on years of experience in saffron production and export, we provide 100% pure Pushal saffron for our international and local customers. To buy saffron in bulk, companies can place saffron orders through email or the Order Now form, providing details of the inquiry including the type of saffron, quality, the requested quantity and destination.

Additional information


1385 USD/Kg



Item Form

Bulk Saffron

Product Dimension

100 gr (17*9.5*9.5 cm), 250 gr (23*11*11 cm), 500 gr (23*16.5*16.5 cm)

Package Information

Plastic packaging within a cardboard box

Country of Origin



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