SunLand Family Sargol Saffron 4.608 gr


  • Price: $9,5 USD
  • Product weight: 4.608 gr
  • Brand: SunLand
  • Item Form: Retail Saffron
  • Package Information: Polystyrene Box (Crystal)+mother box (including 10 pcs)
  • Country of Origin: Iran
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How to buy SunLand Family Sargol Saffron 4.608 gr?

Saffron, as the most valuable and luxurious spice, deserves proper packaging to ensure that the product arrives in excellent condition. SunLand considers both luxurious preservation and extended freshness in its consumer packaging design. Our airtight saffron retail packaging made of metal, polystyrene box (crystal), and cardboard, ensures that no dust, dirt, or moisture harm the goods. Now you can buy saffron threads and receive it in your place as soon as possible.

SunLand Family Sargol Saffron 4.608 gr

SunLand Family packaging design has become popular among local and international customers as one of the most luxurious and minimal package designs. This type of packaging is particularly designed for Iranian Sargol saffron and is available in different weights ranging from 0.5 to 9.216 grams. As a combination of high-quality crystal containers and cardboard, this packaging can be either used on store stands or packed in mother packages of 10 pieces, making it a good choice for supermarket, and grocery sales. This type of saffron packaging is also ideal for home and gift purposes.

Additional information

Weight 0,004608 kg
Dimensions 17 × 9 × 1 cm


Item Form

Retail Saffron

Package Information

Polystyrene Box (Crystal)+mother box (including 10 pcs)

Country of Origin



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