Saffron price in Switzerland

Saffron Price in Switzerland 2023

Mund, a village in Upper Valais, Switzerland cultivates saffron on a very small scale. For this reason, they have attracted visitors’ attention for saffron tours. Yet, their production is small and is not enough for their local market demand. As a result, some companies and traders import saffron from other countries, such as Iran and Spain. Like many European countries, Iranian saffron has become popular in Switzerland. The price of saffron in Switzerland is subject to change depending on the local saffron price in producing countries and some marketing efforts. This blog post focuses on saffron production and saffron price in Switzerland and ways to buy them in this country. 

Why is saffron so expensive in Switzerland?

Switzerland saffron production hardly suffices the demand in local areas of Mund as they do not produce saffron in large scales. Therefore, they need to provide saffron from other countries such as Iran.

According to ITC website statistics, Switzerland imports saffron from three countries, including Iran, Spain, and Italy, among which Spain has the most market share in this country.

saffron importers  to Switzerland

The official statistics, obtained from Iran saffron exporter association, reveals that near 100 kg of saffron has been directly exported to Switzerland destination last year. There is no data available regarding unofficial Iranian saffron export to Switzerland, yet we guess the unofficial export figures may be several times higher than official data.

Saffron, in essence, is the most expensive spice in the world. Having low/no saffron production activity within a country makes it hard for companies and importers to supply enough saffron.

The saffron demand in this market is not high, as people do not know saffron flower and its usages very much. As a result, no significant amount of saffron is imported to this country, which leads to lower saffron supply in Switzerland. On the other hand, saffron maintained its position as a valuable and magical plant, thanks to Spain and Italy’s brand marketing efforts. This is why saffron is more expensive in Switzerland compared to other countries.

How much does saffron cost in Switzerland?

The saffron prices vary based on different factors such as global production volume and demand. If you, a saffron importer company, want to get saffron price in one of the Swiss cities, the price of saffron is between 840 USD to 950 USD per Kg (based on today dollar rate), depending on different type and quality of saffron.

This price is subject to change depending on dollar-Rial currency rate, and Iranian market supply volume fluctuations.

Switzerland Saffron 2023 Retail Prices

sunland screenshopt

The retail saffron prices in Switzerland also fluctuate accordingly. SunLand saffron packages can be purchased from website at 13 CHF for 1 gr of Sargol saffron. Swiss pica sells Sargol at 9 CHF, Super Negin 9.95 CHF per gram. Sari-Safran starts prices from 22.50 CHF for its high-quality packaging. Trebla AG imports Persian saffron from Iran and repacks in Switzerland, and sells safran at 8.35 CHF per gram.

Generally, the retail Safran price in Switzerland, with average packaging, ranges between 10 CHF to 15 CHF.

How to supply saffron in Switzerland?

Now that you know the Zafran price in Switzerland, you may need to know how to supply saffron in this country.

This is pretty easy. If you are a saffron importer, you can contact SunLand Saffron company to receive the latest price quotes for saffron. you can buy bulk Persian saffron from here.

On the other hand, you don’t need to bother yourself to search for pure, retail Iranian saffron in Switzerland. Our company has registered its trademark in more than 33 countries, making it possible to find our saffron in Swiss spice specialty shops, supermarkets, etc.

In case you intend to buy retail saffron online, our sales experts can help you after receiving your inquiry from here. Also, our saffron gift packages make our product a good choice for gifts or souvenirs from Iran.

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