Negin Saffron

What is Negin Saffron?

Negin Saffron, another member of the All-Red Category, is known for its good saffron quality. As its category name suggests, there is no style or whiteness in this type. Nagin saffron is mostly desired for professional cooking and industrial purposes, as it has competent coloring power and appearance. Negin is spectacular in terms of appearance, as it only contains red, long, and thick stigmas of saffron. Let’s learn why Negin is popular in the market. 

Negin Thread
Negin size in Saffron Thread

What is Negin Saffron?

Negin only contains the red, long, and thick stigmas of the saffron flower. In this type, you may find few small broken stigmas. Negin is produced after complete separation of styles and natural or machine drying process. In the machine-drying method, no suction or pressure will be posed to the saffron stigma. Negin Saffron has a good appearance and is much more qualified than the Sargol type. people also know Negin Saffron for its delicate aroma and fragrance. 

Negin and Super Negin saffron normally differ in the size and thickness of the stigmas and their special drying methods and conditions. On the other hand, the presence of broken stigma particles in the saffron is a distinguishing factor between Sargol and Negin.

Negin coloring power will reach above 220 when the best type of saffron is produced. In case there is little style attached to long, thick saffron, due to inaccuracy in stripping level, saffron quality of Shebh-e-Negin (Semi-Negin) will be produced. Shebh-e-Negin, meaning similar to Negin, is a quality between Poushal and Negin types. 

What are the differences between Negin Grades?

Depending on the coloring strength, the number of broken particles, stigma length, and thickness, wavy look, Negin will be categorized into different qualities, ranging from Grade One to Grade Three: 

The existence of dark red stigmas has a negative influence on Negin and other saffron type quality and price. Stigma red-color darkness may be resulted due to product frostbite, late stigma drying or raining incidents before harvest, receiving high temperature or inappropriate humidity condition in the drying process.

Grade One

In Grade One, the stigmas are separated and there is no wavy look. In this grade, the stigmas are thick. 

Grade Two

On the other hand, in Grade Two, you may find a combination of short and large stigmas (lack of integrity in size). 

Grade Three

However, in Grade Three, there is some wavy look and it contains a combination of short and large stigmas. Grade Three is the same as Semi-Negin, which includes some white saffron with relatively weak stigmas.

Negin Usages

Negin, just like Sargol saffron, is widely used in Iranian, Arabic recipes, as well as Chinese and Vietnamese medicinal purposes. Nagin includes larger and more connected stigmas, comparing to Sargol saffron. That is why, this type is known as the ideal saffron from consumers’ point of view. Therefore, it is recommended to use Nagin consumer packages for gifts and souvenirs.

Negin Saffron Characteristics

Nagin has some distinctive features and specifications, which enables us to recognize Negin:

  • Normally the three stigmas are connected.
  • Large stigmas
  • Total Red Stigmas, with no sign of white saffron 
  • Top-quality fragrance and aroma
  • High level of Safranal and Crocin 

The above-mentioned specifications are common with Super Negin specifications, as they only differ in the size and integrity of stigmas. On the other hand, Super Negin stigmas are dried and pressed to produce larger size stigmas. 

To gain some knowledge about different types of Iranian saffron, we encourage you to read “Types of Iranian Saffron.”

Negin Iranian saffron price

Negin is more expensive than Sargol, placed in the second position in terms of value, as it excludes the broken stigma particles. On the other hand, Negin is cheaper than Super Negin as the latter goes through more complex production process. Some prefer Super Negin for its appearance features, hence; they are valued higher than other types of saffron. Technically, natural drying process along with controlling temperature and humidity levels, without pressure and mechanical suction of stigma, will reserve the chemical and physical properties of saffron
Generally, the price of Iranian Negin saffron is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market.

That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders. To buy bunch, it is advisable to evaluate its core, influential factors and only supply from reputable trusted companies.

SunLand Khtam Packaging
SunLand GoharSun Packaging

How to purchase Negin Iranian Saffron?

SunLand produces and exports all types of saffron, including Negin. Nagin is the second most desired type of saffron by international customers. Purchasing Negin should not be hard, as long as you provide it from a reputable supplier. It is worth noting that SunLand exports Negin in bulk and consumer packaging.

Here you can Order Negin Persian Saffron.

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