Super Negin Saffron

What is Super Negin Saffron?

Super Negin Iranian saffron is the most potent and finest saffron of all. Therefore, this is known as the most desired saffron in the market. Super Negin Iranian saffron is the main descendant of All-Red Family. Other members of the All-Red Saffron family include Nagin and Sargol types, which are placed in second and third position in terms of quality and price value. Being a member of All Red saffron means that they do not contain any whiteness or Konj. Super Nagin saffron contains long, thick stigmas, representing the longest stigmas and best appearance saffron of all. In the rest, you will become familiar with different aspects of Super Negin Iranian saffron. 

Super Negin thread
Super Negin in Saffron Thread

What is Super Negin Saffron?

Super Negin is the best quality and the most expensive type of saffron which has a high demand for its uniform flat, thick stigmas. Approximately, near 1 kg of Super Negin saffron will be obtained out of 100 kg saffron flower. The ecology of the cultivated region, saffron corm quality, maintaining, harvesting, best stripping method, drying techniques, play important role in producing Super Nagin. Super Negin is mostly exported from Iran, for its fine quality and appearance, in recent years. It already has gained the highest demand in Eastern Asian countries and Persian Gulf states and even USA.

Super Negin has the highest coloring power, between 240 to 290 units, among all types of saffron. Therefore, producing super Negin saffron takes more effort, time, and manual skill than other types of saffron. Therefore, it becomes popular among consumers, while European consumers showed not much interest in purchasing Super Negin. They tend to use more organic and natural type of saffron, Such as Poushali and La Mancha. 

What are the differences between pressed and normal Super Negin ?

Super Negin saffron is dried either manually or using special drying equipment. The drying method of Super Negin makes a lot of difference in its appearance and coloring power. Simply, Super Negin saffron was dried by manual methods. In this drying method, farmers spread the saffron on a large, clean piece of cloth under specific heat exposure using special techniques. The excessive heat exposure may result in darker stigmas, and less coloring power.

Some producers dry saffron using automatic drying machines. Using drying machines, the saffron is placed on a tray, and covered by a silk sheet. Once the tray is inserted into the machine, it receives heat from all sides, using special fans. The fan circulates the heat and provide downward pressure. In this method, heat and humidity levels can be controlled by the operator. As a result of this drying method, some pressed, large, and flat strands are produced.

In this drying method, the light color and coloring power of stigmas are retained. It is worth noting that the saffron color will turn into black if it receives excessive heat. Experts claim that saffron vegetative texture will be damaged, once it is placed under high pressure, in drying machines. That is why, Super Negin popularity has diminished among organic-product supporters.  

In machine-drying method, the heat temperature should be fixed between 65 to 70 centigrade. Experiments show that the higher temperature retains a higher level of safranal. Under 80-90 centigrade temperature, also, more Crocin levels will be retained. The best-dried saffron will be achieved in a 15-to-20-minute, using drying process. The timing may differ based on the type of the drying machine being used. In this method, the stigma length can reach 3 centimeters.

Super Negin Saffron Usages

Recently, Super Negin Iranian saffron is exported, Considering its high international demand. Iranian people are used to consuming Sargol more than Nagin and Super Nagin. However, Super Negin is considered as a good choice for gifts and souvenirs among Iranians.    

Many famous international and Iranian restaurants, also use Super Negin for its high level of coloring and fashionable look. Mainly famous chefs or restaurants use super Negin, as it has the highest coloring power, resulting in a more delicate food coloring. In Vietnam, people use Super Negin as ingredient of beauty products such as facemasks to refresh their skin health.  Also, Chinese importers and factories use Super Negin for its pharmaceutical’s benefits.

Super Negin Characteristics

Iranian Super Nagin top-quality saffron has some distinctive characteristics, which is listed below:

  • Light red, completely separated stigmas,
  • Containing the largest and thickest stigmas of all,
  • No crumbling, 
  • No white saffron or Konj attached to the stigmas, 
  • High coloring power
  • Containing the highest level of safranal and Crocin

To gain some knowledge about different types of Iranian saffron, we encourage you to read “Types of Iranian Saffron.”

Super Negin price

Super Nagin is the most expensive of all types for its long, uniform, and thick stigma as well as the most complex production, drying process, and equipment requirements. Super Negin saffron price also varies based on its different qualities. Pressed super Nagin and manual-dried ones differ in terms of market value and demand. 

Generally, the price of Iranian Super Negin is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market.

That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders. To buy saffron threads, it is advisable to evaluate its core, influential factors and only supply from reputable trusted companies.


How to Buy Super Negin Iranian Saffron?

SunLand Bulk Packaging

As mentioned earlier, Iranian Super Nagin saffron, as the best type of Iranian saffron, is hard to produce. SunLand, produces the best quality Super Negin Saffron, relying on years of experience and expertise. SunLand Monitors the cultivation of saffron, from its early stages, making sure that the best flower will be achieved. Alongside our farmers, agriculture experts monitor all levels of maintaining, stripping, as well as drying processes to ensure the final quality of saffron stigmas.

Here you can Order Super Negin Iranian Saffron.

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