buying bulk Iranian saffron

What to Consider When Buying Bulk Iranian Saffron?

Saffron harvest time is coming to an end and the new crop is in the market, now. you are probably planning on buying bulk Iranian saffron. You guess ordering bulk saffron is as easy as sourcing suppliers in the market and finalizing the saffron purchase. It may seem so easy, however, there are many tips to consider before finalizing a bulk saffron order from Iranian companies. This post is not a guideline for purchasing saffron from Iran, but we shared tips to successfully order bulk Iranian saffron.

To buy bulk Iranian saffron, customers should pay attention to tips in order to avoid fraudulent suppliers. Buying bulk saffron needs more care and attention compared to other products. Saffron is the most expensive spice and making a mistake while buying saffron may cost you a large financial loss. This is why how important it is to consider tips and precautions before ordering bulk Iranian saffron. Surely, based on your experience and expertise in saffron industry, your ordering frequency, the buyers should consider more or less tips, as listed below.

The main considerations for a successful and safe saffron bulk order include:

1- Selecting the type of Iranian saffron

Super Negin and Sargol Iranian saffron

Iranian saffron includes 7 different types. Each Iranian saffron type comes with different qualities and characteristics. The Iranian saffron types include:

All Red Iranian Saffron

This Iranian saffron category includes 3 main types:

Filament saffron types and others include:

Poushali and Bunch Iranian saffron

The main Iranian saffron types are briefly explained in the “Types of Iranian Saffron” blog post. It’s surely worth taking a look at.

Each of the Iranian saffron types, can include 2-3 different qualities, holding the same name. these different qualities mostly differ based on their appearance. For example, Super Negin saffron includes 3 to 4 different qualities, which may differ $100-$200 per Kg. 


2- Find a trustworthy Iranian saffron supplier

saffron trustworthy supplier

This is a critical step in purchasing process. If you do not know saffron quality expertly or are looking for cheaper saffron, without paying attention to chemical analysis, you may end up buying from fraudulent suppliers. Working with a trustworthy saffron supplier, you will know that your money and time are not wasted. Some profiteers and fraudulent suppliers may provide fake saffron or lower-quality saffron in return for your money. In bulk saffron orders, such issues bring a huge financial loss, and due to Iran trading restrictions, most it cannot be sued. So, it is advised to look for trustworthy Iranian saffron exporters to save your brand reputation and money.

In case you received a very low saffron price comparing to other suppliers, it is probably the best to ask for company documentations and check reputation from official commerce organizations.



Receiving sample

As a saffron buyer, you can ask for saffron samples. Suppliers usually provide saffron at minimum or low costs. Saffron buyers usually request for sample to make sure about the quality of the saffron. if you are buying saffron from trusted suppliers which you have already traded with, or you have already checked the quality in place, it is not needed to request for sample.

Inquiring Laboratory test result

The laboratory tests ensures that the saffron product is free from any contamination and is pure. The laboratory test examines saffron grade, moisture, coloring power, the potential existence of artificial dyes, physical and chemical specifications, as well as other microbiological parameters.

obviously, the tested saffron holds laboratory certificates indicating the grade and purity of saffron, minimizing the risks of buying fake saffron.

sample of saffron laboratory test

3- Selecting the amount of your saffron order

You need to place your saffron order based on your approximate demand and sales of saffron in a specific time range (for example, sales or consumption of a week or month). It is worth noting that for higher saffron order volume, the delivery costs per kg decreases, as packages are shipped through airway routes. That being said, the more saffron order volume, you need to pay the lesser delivery costs. This is why, we encourage companies to develop a saffron order plan to reduce costs, while increasing trade profit margin.   

4- Negotiate the saffron deal conditions and sign contract

Now that you have sent out your inquiry to any Iranian saffron exporters, like SunLand saffron company, then you need to discuss the deal conditions with your supplier. The contract should include Final saffron price, delivery term, preparation time, delivery time, packaging type, payment method, bank account information and so on. Make sure you have negotiated all necessary conditions, before making any advance payments to their accounts.

How to import bulk saffron from Iran?

order bulk saffron

Importing saffron from Iran should be done with care and caution. International and local laws and regulations limit the ease of trading from or to Iran origin.

International saffron importers should consider custom regulations as well as payment methods. As Iran customs rules and regulations is constantly changing, therefore, saffron buyers are advised to keep posted about the changes in rules and saffron import tariffs.

In addition to these considerations, packaging is another important factor to consider before buying saffron. For instance, some European countries do not accept metal containers; therefore, the saffron buyers are advised to discuss packaging types, based on rules and regulations of the target market.

“How to Import Saffron from Iran?” is a frequently asked question, which we deeply explored in the blog post with the same title. This post ensures international saffron customers that ordering bulk Iranian saffron can be safe and secure, through suggested ways. For example, SunLand ensures trade safety by offering non-Iranian bank accounts or accepting cryptocurrencies for saffron orders. SunLand also offers logistic solutions to minimize the risks of trading. “How to Import Saffron from Iran?” is a must-read post, if you are planning on buying bulk saffron from Iran.

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