GoharSun Negin Saffron 3 gr


  • Price: $6,6 USD
  • Product weight: 3 gr
  • Brand: SunLand
  • Item Form: Saffron Threads
  • Package Information: Polystyrene Box (Crystal)& Cardboard
  • Country of Origin: Iran
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How to buy GoharSun Negin Saffron 3 gr?

Saffron, as the most valuable and luxurious spice, deserves proper packaging to ensure that the product arrives in excellent condition. SunLand considers both luxurious preservation and extended freshness in its consumer packaging design. Our airtight saffron retail packaging made of metal, polystyrene box (crystal), and cardboard, ensures that no dust, dirt, or moisture harm the goods. To buy saffron threads (GoharSun Negin Saffron 3 gr), you only need to select the type of packaging and saffron and receive the highest quality product at your place!

Features of GoharSun Negin Saffron:

  • 100% pure Negin saffron
  • Top-quality of saffron in various packaging
  • The coloring power is minimum 220 units
  • Light red, long, uniform, and thick separated stigmas, without any small broken stigma.
  • With no sign of white saffron attached.

Additional information

Weight 0,003 kg
Dimensions 4,4 × 4,4 × 10,5 cm


Item Form

Retail Saffron

Package Information

Polystyrene Box (Crystal)& Cardboard

Country of Origin



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