price of saffron in Germany

How Much is a Kilo of Saffron in Berlin?

Iranian saffron is very popular in Europe and countries such as Germany. This spice is expensive for many reasons. In fact, producing saffron is labor-intensive and large amounts of saffron flower can produce one kilo of saffron with many pharmaceutical, food and industrial applications. Saffron in Germany can be found in different qualities and in multiple shops. German saffron importers have a special interest in Iranian saffron, considering its quality. Yet, saffron price is an important factor to consider in this process. Below, we discuss the price of saffron in more detail.

Price of saffron in Germany

Iranian saffron price- SunLand saffron

Buying and selling saffron in Germany is easy. There are multiple shops and online shops that sell Iranian saffron in Germany. When buying from online shops, you need to be careful about saffron prices in Germany. 

Saffron price in Germany ranges between 8 to 20 euros based on its type and level of purity. Yet, you can find lower qualities of saffron at 3 euros in supermarkets. Surely, pure Iranian saffron costs higher than others. German saffron suppliers import saffron from Iran or the middle countries to supply the best quality saffron in Berlin and other German cities. Therefore, the price of saffron in Germany has become an important factor to consider.

Buy saffron in Germany

Wholesale saffron in the German market is available as many saffron importers supply Iranian saffron directly or indirectly from Iran. There are some ways to buy Iranian saffron in European countries. In this post, we covered how to buy saffron in Germany. Iranian saffron is exported to Germany in both bulk and retail amounts. Many Iranian immigrants seek pure saffron for their home usages, and German people have started to use this amazing spice in their food.

Bulk saffron in Germany

A simple search on the internet can reveal a long list of German saffron importer companies. According to Iran saffron exporter association’s official statistics, last year, nearly 850 Kg of saffron was directly imported to Germany. Unofficial and indirect export data is not available. For sure, a little volume of Afghan saffron is also exported to Germany, in addition to the Iranian ones. 

SunLand Saffron Company, among other Iranian saffron suppliers, also exports saffron to this Germany. SunLand specializes in saffron production and export, with the help of our well-equipped saffron labs and up-to-date saffron process and packaging, complied with German export requirements and standards. 

Types of saffron in Germany

Iran produces several types of saffron including Sargol, Negin, Super Negin, and other qualities. Persian Poushal saffron (filaments grade 1) and Persian Sargol saffron (cut filaments) are the most popular types in the German market. Unlike Iranian customers, Europeans prefer a more natural-looking strand of saffron. Taking this into account, German saffron suppliers import these types from Iran, more than other qualities. 

Negin saffron in Germany

Negin belongs to the all-red family of saffron types. Negin saffron hasred, long, and thick stigmas of the saffron flower. In this type, you may find a few small broken stigmas. This type of saffron is mainly used for food recipes and is a good choice for restaurants with some classy recipes that require a full strand. Negin saffron in Germany can be easily found in supermarkets and online shops. 

Sargol saffron in Germany

Sargol is another member of the All-Red saffron family and is derived from stripping Poushal or Dokhtar Pich saffron after multiple and complex processes. Sargol Saffron has total red stigmas, with no sign of style or white saffron. Sargol is used for home cooking and regular uses. Therefore, saffron comes at cheaper prices than Negin Iranian saffron. Just like Negin, Sargol saffron quality can be found in supermarkets and online shops.

Please note that both Negin and Sargol saffron can be ordered, either in bulk or consumer packages, from SunLand saffron. 

Where to buy saffron in Germany?

Saffron Paket, SpiceBazaar, Amazon, and BuySpices are some of the online shops that sell Iranian saffron in Germany. If you want to directly from Iran, we recommend you buy bulk or consumer packages of saffron from the SunLand website

Also, you can find saffron in supermarkets such as Safran SuperMarket in Düsseldorf, Germany. In addition to that, there are specialty stores like Gewürzland or Spicebar which may have Iranian saffron available.

When buying saffron, it is recommended to only trust reputable brands and suppliers as there are fraudulent saffron suppliers in Germany and other countries. There are many saffron suppliers in Germany and it is better to check if they are trustworthy before purchasing saffron. 

SunLand saffron with years of experience in production and export of Iranian saffron to Asian and European countries, is known as a trustable source for German saffron importers. SunLand Trademark is registered in Germany, so our company can legally provide Iranian saffron, in special SunLand packaging, which can be sold and distributed in Germany and other EU countries chain markets.

We produce and export pure Iranian saffron around the world. To order saffron please click here!

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