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How Much Saffron Should I Take Daily

Saffron is a safe space. However, it may have some drawbacks in some special conditions or dosages. Saffron, just like any other ingredient, should be used moderately. Too much saffron usage will result in unpleasant side effects. For example, women should be careful about saffron consumption dosage in pregnancy. How much saffron can they take daily, or what dosage of saffron is safe? To answer this question, we need to review the benefits and side effects of saffron for human health to see what dosage of saffron intake is safe for us.

Why should/shouldn’t you take saffron?

A quick review on saffron health benefits:

Saffron is known as an alternative treatment for some diseases, from mild to moderate depression to cancer treatment. Below, we review the general health benefits of saffron consumption. 

  • Reduction of PMS symptoms,
  • Improving general mood- treatment of mild to moderate depression,
  • Preventing nervous system breakdown,
  • Antioxidant effects are potentially suitable for the treatment of skin scars, acne, cancer, and heart diseases,
  • Appetite suppression leads to weight loss, eliminating obesity,
  • Treatment of infertility, improving sexual functionality,
  • Many more!

The Saffron health benefits list does not end here. Saffron is used as a medicine supplement in many cultures. Please see the complete list of saffron health benefits in the Saffron Health Benefits blog. 

A quick review on saffron health drawbacks:

saffron prohibition in pregnancy

Indeed, saffron has some drawbacks in case they are used excessively or under certain circumstances:

Regular usage of saffron in cooking recipes will not have any side effects.

Pregnant women should avoid taking a high dosage of saffron as it may result in miscarriage. Also, people with special conditions should consult their doctor before consuconsuming ming. Sag high doses of 5 grams or more for any person can be toxic. In addition, some fraudulent traders mix the saffron powder with other ingredients, such as red silk fibers, paprika, beet, or turmeric. Saffron adulteration is a trick to increase the weight of saffron or even to produce fake saffron. This is why we recommend you buy saffron threads from a reputable supplier to provide authentic products. Saffron adulteration may have adverse effects on human health.

It is recommended not to overuse saffron spice as it may result in some severe health problems for individuals. Before consuming too much saffron, we recommend you study Saffron Side Effects You Didn’t Know

How to add saffron to your diet?

Saffron can be added to your food in different ways.

Saffron can be grounded, soaked, toasted, or added directly. Ground saffron is primarily suitable for recipes with a significant amount of liquid. To make saffron rice, the saffron should be brewed before and added to a portion of rice, or it can be added directly to rice water when boiling. Moreover, the saffron stigmas can be added directly to the food to mix or dress the dish. Some like to grind saffron stigmas before adding them to their food directly.
Saffron can be added to desserts, food, stew, broth, syrups, drinks, saffron extracts, and tablets.

Many recipes use saffron as an additive, spice, or essential ingredient. To explore different recipes, we invite you to check our “Saffron Recipes.”

how much saffron to take daily

How much saffron to take daily?

Again, researches have shown that 5-gram daily saffran usage can be toxic. While 1.5 grams of saffron daily consumption can be safe for human health. 30 mg saffron daily intake is the most appropriate saffron amount for normal conditions.

Some clinical researchers prescribe 20 to 30 mg (per day) of saffron extract to treat mild to moderate depression or 400mg (per day) of saffron tablets in 7 days.

However, we advise you to consult with your doctor before taking saffron for medicinal purposes.

How to supply saffron?

It is essential to provide saffron from a reputable source. We all know that saffron is the most expensive spice; therefore, there may be a better decision than purchasing saffron spice from untrusted shops. Random shops may add other ingredients to their saffron, making it a mixed or fake product. At SunLand, we are committed to our customers, as their satisfaction is our top priority. SunLand monitors saffron production, all types of Iranian saffron, including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Poushal/Filament, Powder, and Konj, in bulk and various consumer packaging, from cultivation to harvesting according to ISO 3632 for chemical substances. Customers of different countries have purchased SunLand saffron for cooking and industrial uses.

How Much Saffron to Take Daily?

People can consume up to 1.5 grams of saffron daily. Also, according to scientific research, people can estimate the amount needed for their health by consuming 30 mg of saffron.

When not to use saffron?

For people with bipolar disorder, pregnant or lactating women, and people who have high blood pressure and use blood thinners, consuming saffron is prohibited for them.

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