How to buy Saffron in Kuwait?

How to buy Saffron in Kuwait?

Kuwait, as one of the Arab countries in the gulf region, consumes and exports Iranian saffron in large amounts. Arab people have almost the same taste in cooking as Iranian people. The short distance and ease of trading with Gulf countries have made it possible to trade saffron with Kuwait. Therefore, many suppliers import saffron from Iran. This blog post takes a look at the Iranian saffron price in Kuwait and how to buy saffron in Arab countries.

Saffron price in Kuwait per Kg

Saffron price in Arab countries such as Kuwait varies based on the type or quality of saffron and the shipping costs to these countries. Packaging and specifications are the essential variables that influence the market price of saffron in Kuwait. SunLand provides consumer packaging and bulk saffron to export to Kuwait and other Arab countries.

The current price of saffron is between 360 To 540 KD per kg in Kuwait, at the time of writing. Please note that saffron price is volatile and you need to contact our sales experts to get the latest quote for pure Iranian saffron.

Best saffron in Kuwait

bulk packaging

Iran exports different types of saffron to countries such as Kuwait. Some suppliers import Sargol saffron to Kuwait, while others prefer importing Negin and Super Negin saffron to this country. Different types of saffron have different uses and purposes. Sargol saffron in Kuwait is mainly used for home cooking and restaurant purposes while Negin and Super Negin are mainly used as gifts and souvenirs. Kuwait saffron importers choose different types of saffron based on their markets and needs.

Saffron export to Kuwait

There is no reliable data available for Kuwait saffron export rate. In year 2022, near 3576 kg of saffron from Iran, 1764 gram from Spain and 144 Kg from Afghanistan was imported to Kuwait. (Data Source: Trademap)

the saffron importers supply most of their market demand from Iran for the short distance with our country and high quality of Iranian saffron.
In Kuwait, you can find Iranian saffron in hypermarkets, online shops, trading agencies, and so on.
If you are in Kuwait and intend to buy Iranian saffron, you can check below online shops:


When buying Iranian saffron, please make sure that you buy saffron from reputable sources as the quality and purity of this product is an important factor to consider. Please note that there are seven ways to make sure that saffron is pure, which you can review in “Seven Easy Ways to Identify Real Saffron.”

Buy/ purchase saffron in Kuwait

SunLand produces pure Iranian saffron in its family-owned lands of Khorasan, Iran. We monitor the growth of a saffron flower, farmers productivity, the use of pesticides, etc. The produced saffron in our lands is handpicked and stripped in a clean environment. Afterwards, we dry saffron using special dryer machines and tested in saffron labs. We monitor all of the steps in this process to export 100% pure Iranian saffron. Therefore, we can make sure our final saffron is 100% pure. It is possible to directly export saffron to Kuwait, as there is no or little trading barrier with this country.

To place orders, we recommend you contact us through this saffron order form.

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