saffron benefits for sexual performance

Saffron Benefits for Sexual Performance

Saffron spice has various medicinal uses. One special saffron health benefit relates to its extraordinary effects on sexual health and well-being. Saffron benefits in the sexual field is not limited to personal well-being, but it can benefit the intimate relationship of a couple during intercourse. Evidences show that both men and women can benefit from saffron sexual effects for their personal health as well as for their intimate relationship as couples.

Persian saffron has been traditionally used for aphrodisiac purposes. the modern studies also confirm its effectiveness for fertility and inhibition of potential sex-organ diseases. This blog reviews the possible effects of saffron on sexual performance and fertility potential of both men and women.

Saffron benefits on sexual performance

Saffron has been known as a natural aphrodisiac since Cleopatra times. However, nowadays experiments confirm the positive effects of saffron on male and women’s sexual arousal. Studies show that men with erectile dysfunction have seen improvement, once used saffron-supplements in their diet.

Studies have shown that LH, FSH, and testosterone levels will increase after two days of 100mg saffron treatment. This finding shows saffron efficiency in men’s reproduction-hormone treatment.  

sexual dysfanctionlity

Various studies have shown that saffron crocin bio-active compound has a special effect in boosting sexual stamina and libido in men. on the other hand, women experienced a high level of arousal and enhanced natural lubrication.

In addition to that, women who have gone through long periods of depression suffer from sexual dysfunction. Experiments suggest that saffron can treat mild-to-moderate depression feelings. Therefore, the use of saffron for depressed women can indirectly have positive effects on their sex life, too. No matter the sexual dysfunction is due to mental or physical disorders, saffron can have greatly improved their sex life.

With respect to the above-mentioned saffron health benefit, some name saffron as “love spice.” As its name suggests the use of saffron greatly improves sex life for every couple.

Saffron effect for fertility and reproduction purposes

sperm mobility

Studies have shown extraordinary effects on sperm morphology and motility in infertile men. The results showed that intake of 50mg saffron three times/week will improve infertility in men. the studies showed the positive effects of saffron on reproductive cells.

In addition to that, saffron can minimize the role of oxidative stress in infertility. Infertile men have shown signs of oxidative damages plus abnormal seminal plasma viscosity. The studies suggest that abnormal seminal plasma viscosity leads into oxidative stress in infertile men. therefore, saffron antioxidant properties can be effective in treatment of oxidative damages.

Despite saffron effects on sperm mortality and morphology, no experiment has shown any effect on sperm count, yet.

Saffron benefits on sex-organ diseases

The male and female reproductive systems

As discussed in ” Saffron Benefit for PMS,” saffron can improve period symptoms greatly. The use of saffron increases serotonin levels and boosts mood, acts as an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce headaches, cravings, and pains.

In addition to that, saffron can be effective in the prevention of PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Women, who are suffering from PCOS, have already experienced high levels of stress. Stress is one of the causes of PCOS in women. Saffron can lower the cortisol hormone, which is responsible for stress levels. This is how saffron can prevent PCOS in women.

Saffron has many more benefits for human being health. To have a general look at some of the main saffron health benefits and pharmaceutical uses, it is advisable to read ” What are Saffron Health Benefits?

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