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Saffron Benefits for Women You Didn’t Know!

Saffron is not only the most expensive spice but also the most health-beneficial one. Saffron is expensive as it is labor-intensive and requires lots of work to produce a small amount. Also, the wide range of saffron health benefits makes it the most valuable spice in the world. Saffron is beneficial for both men and women, however; we believe women can benefit from it the most. As their body goes through a cycle of monthly changes, women may need saffron more than men.

We already covered the main benefits of saffron for both men and women in “What are Saffron Health Benefits?” This time our focus is on the effects of saffron on women, in different conditions.

Both men and women may experience depression, Alzheimer’s, excess weight, and so on, but men do not experience PMS, cramps, menstrual discomfort, mood swings, and pregnancy.

Surprisingly, saffron is good for all conditions mentioned above. Such useful spice is no less than gold in terms of value and benefits. Therefore, women will benefit the most from saffron spice.

1. Saffron effect during PMS

saffron for PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to the physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms that women experience before the start of a menstrual period.

Women mostly experience headaches, cravings, cramps, stomachache, pains, irritability, and other symptoms before the start of a menstrual period. Experiences have shown that taking 30 mg of saffron is effective to reduce PMS symptoms. Surprisingly, even smelling saffron for 20 minutes helps to reduce the effects like anxiety and levels up the cortisol hormone.

2.Saffron effect on symptoms during menstrual period

saffron for mood swings

Not only PMS but also the menstrual period can also be painful. The general pains and irritations during PMS can continue during the menstrual period too. Therefore, saffron is also effective in reducing pains of menstrual discomfort, as well.

3. Saffron effect on mood swings

Women may experience mood swings during pregnancy and menstrual periods. It is no joke; these mood fluctuations may bring discomfort for the individual and may surprise people around.

Saffron fights mood swings very well as it can produce serotonin and regulate mood by improving the flow of blood in your body.

Saffron aphrodisiac effect has been proved. A study analyzed the effects of saffron resulting in improved overall mood after taking 30 mg of saffron daily over 4 weeks.







4.Saffron effect on sexual desire and performance

saffron effect on sexual dysfanction

Surely, saffron can be effective to improve sexual desire and performance for both men and women. However, sexual desire is a more complicated concept for women than men. The studies in this field have shown that special physical and emotional situations should be in place for women to desire sex.

For example, a simple headache can cause trouble for women to desire or perform well during sex. Or depression has a great negative effect on women and makes them incapable of participating in any sexual intercourse.

Some women also suffer from a lack of desire for sex and being cold-tempered. In such cases, saffron magics. Taking a saffron drink daily can increase their desire by balancing hormones.   Saffron is an effective factor, as it can balance hormones

5. Saffron effect on delayed puberty

Saffron is an effective factor, as it can balance hormones, improve the signs of potential depression and boosts mood, or even improve headaches. Taking 30 mg of saffron per day for 4 weeks improves women’s sexual desire and leads to natural vaginal lubrication.

Saffron is one of the most effective herbs in stimulating puberty in women. Saffron can treat such troubles by stimulating hormones.

The hormone balance effect of saffron will result in the prevention of facial hair growth, the trouble that many women struggle with. The growth of excessive facial hair, mostly thick ones, relates to imbalanced hormones in some women. Rest assured, taking saffron as a drink or food additive can help to overcome hormone imbalances up to a varying extent.

6. Saffron effect on healthy skin and hair

Undoubtedly, women care about their skin and hair more than men. Women would like to keep healthy skin and hair. In addition to that, women have more skin damage or hair loss problems.

As saffron is full of anti-oxidant properties, it can help in skincare and haircare routines. Saffron is an important ingredient in many hair and skin care products. Saffron bioactive components can prevent, and treat many skin and hair troubles.

7. Should I use saffron during pregnancy? 

using saffron in pregnancy

Zaferan is the most prohibited food additive for pregnancy. In fact, using much saffron will be fatal for both mother and the infant. No one can claim that the regular consumption of saffron will be useful for a pregnant mother. Consumption of saffron during pregnancy will cause miscarriage and other pregnancy complications for both mother and the baby.

On the other hand, taking saffron in very little amount will bring many benefits for many of the pregnancy side effects.

7.1  Saffron helps you with morning sicknesses: Nausea and dizziness are most probably the early signs of pregnancy in the first three months. Many mothers become overwhelmed by starting their day, feeling sick. Saffron is effective to treat such morning troubles.

7.2 Mood swings: The hormone changes during pregnancy causes sudden mood swings. Some women experience total gloomy days, all for nothing but due to pregnancy hormone changes. Saffron can fight mood swings and balances hormones.

7.3 Reduction of blood pressure: Pregnant women may experience high blood pressure, which can be easily modulated by using a little saffron. Saffron also helps to relax muscles and stimulates the uterine.

7.4 Fighting allergies: Coughs, fever, asthma, and congestion are the most probable allergies that women may experience during pregnancy, which can be easily treated by consuming a small amount of saffron.

7.5 Fighting lack of sleep: Many pregnant women experience sleeping difficulty during this time. Saffron magically puts you into a nice sleep.

7.6 Fighting anemia: Many women are anemic during pregnancy times. Consuming saffron in little doses will improve hemoglobin in your blood. 

In the end, we highly advise you to consult with your doctor, before using any dosage of saffron in your diet, once you are pregnant. Mothers with different health conditions and levels of pregnancy may react differently to the consumption of saffron. some may be totally prohibited from taking saffron, while others may have no issue consuming little doses.

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