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Saffron Gift; a Luxury Iranian Gift

Saffron is considered to be a luxury Iranian souvenir and a valuable gift. They come in different premium saffron gift boxes. Iranian people choose saffron as a gift or Iranian souvenir option for many reasons. Even tourists may choose saffron as a luxury Iranian gift or souvenir if they are looking for something special and local.

In this blog post, we introduce the reasons why saffron is a valuable and luxury gift to express gratitude to other people. In addition to that we briefly explain what saffron gifts sets and wrapping are the best and how to provide luxury saffron gifts for our family and friends.  

Why saffron is a suitable luxury gift and souvenir:

Saffron is expensive:

Saffron is valuable for many reasons, therefore; it is a very good option to gift our beloveds. People would like to gift something expensive. Some believe, costly gifts show love and appreciation more than cheap ones. Use of premium saffron gift boxes or special saffron gift packages makes them more special.

For example, Khattam saffron gift box is poplar packaging box among Iranian people. This type of saffron gift wrapping conveys a cultural message, by its special design.

Saffron is a local agricultural product

Saffron and seasoning gifts are good options for those who appreciate the gifts nature. Saffron is produced after a labor-intensive farming process with unique benefits which cannot be found elsewhere. Environment lovers value everything that is derived from nature and land. Saffron is also a product of farming and a valuable product of Iranian agriculture. Iran produces more than 90 percent of the global top-quality saffron supply. Therefore, gifting saffron to others makes them feel special.

saffron health benefits

It has many health benefits

Saffron has many health benefits thanks to its magical bioactive components. Saffron is found to be beneficial for:

  • Heart health
  • Skin and hair
  • Preventing/fighting cancer cells
  • Insomnia
  • Memory enhancer
  • Sexual function in both men and women
  • Depression
  • etc.

The list of saffron benefits is not limited to what we mentioned above. “What are Saffron Health Benefits?” briefly explores the most important health benefits we gain from consuming saffron.

Many believe that a gift should be beneficial. What is more valuable than health benefits? Nothing!

Therefore, a health-beneficial gift, such as saffron, is very valuable, conveying the message that your health and well-being matters to us. 

It can be used in food recipes

Saffron has an actual, homely application as it can be used in most recipes. Saffron brings wonderful color as well as taste and aroma to your food. The fact that this spice adds a special flavor to food is an added value to your gift. This taste and smell can remind them, every time they cook some food, about the beloveds who have gifted such a thing. 

Now that we discussed why saffron is an excellent gift option, let’s take a look at different saffron wrapping and gift sets:

sunland gift 2

What saffron gift sets and wrapping to consider?

Different saffron shops use various saffron wrapping and sets. Saffron gift shops design different gift wrappings for different gifting purposes. Choosing the container type is a more important issue to consider when you need to select a saffron gift set or wrapping. 

It is recommended to not use plastic bags. Not only they are not classy and fashionable, but they also harm the saffron in it, in the longer run. 

Polycrystalline, wooden, metal and glass containers are the best options to choose from. They take good care of their chemical components; therefore, their coloring and odor are not lost. 

Tip: Once choosing the saffron wrapping, you need to make sure that the container does not let light in. Containers that block exposure to light can keep saffron for a longer time. 

How to gift saffron to my family and friends?

If you are looking for a way to provide saffron gifts, you came to the right place! Consumer packages in SunLand can be your saffron gift shop. 

SunLand, as a saffron bulk and retail seller, provides special saffron gift packaging in low saffron volumes. For example, saffron gift wrapping attracts more attention. Our company has selected several astonishing packaging styles to suit different tastes. If you are planning on some luxury saffron gift or a special saffron gift package, you have access to various selections, using SunLand consumer packages. 

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