saffron for cancer

Saffron Health Benefits for Cancer

Cancer is responsible for many deaths all over the world. The cancer disorder has a great impact on individual life quality and life expectancy. Researchers have tried hard to find chemical treatments for different types of cancer. Recent studies have found that saffron is effective in preventing and treating cancer. In this post, we review saffron’s health benefits for cancer disorders.

Recently, the use of natural products and plant derivates has become more popular for chemoprevention and chemotherapy purposes. Plant derivates, such as saffron contain special carotenoids, which are extremely influential in tumor growth inhibition and cell excessive re-production.

What are saffron effects on cancer?

The first time an Indian scientist found that saffron has anticancer effects. The results of this study were extended by other researchers, confirming the effects of saffron extracts to inhibit tumor formation or retard the progress of different types of cancers. The results of the study showed that saffron is effective in ovarian, liver, prostate, breast cancer, gastrointestinal, lung, leukemia, cancer treatment.

saffron chemical ingredient

The chemotherapy components of saffron can kill the cancer cells, speeding up the cure progress. The existent bioactive compounds in saffron, crocetin and cisplatin have proved to cure ovarian cancer. In another study, it is found that saffron properties, mainly crocin and crocetin, are effective to inhibit tumor growth in prostate cancer. One study revealed that saffron antitumor activity is mainly attributed to six saffron mechanisms. The use of saffron inhibits the synthesis of DNA and RNA, inhibits or suppresses cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis, inhibits metastasis and angiogenesis, and finally changes oncogenes or tumor-suppressive gens patterns.

Saffron’s health benefits are not limited to the prevention and treatment of different types of cancers. To have a general look at some of the main saffron health benefits and pharmaceutical uses, it is advisable to read ” What is Saffron Health Benefits?

Is saffron effective in cancer treatment, all the time?

Cancer treatment is not the same for everyone. The saffron treatment prescription varies from person to person based on the type of cancer, the tumor progression, lifestyle, BMI, age, and gender. Different studies have shown that saffron supplement is practical in the prevention of cancer in healthy individuals with CDKN1B mutation and nelarabine treatment in early T cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia cancer patients.

Final word

Despite all advances in chemical drugs and treatments, cancer is still an incurable disease. There is no specific drug that can guarantee the treatment or prevention of cancers. However, with the growing public tendency to use natural products, herbs, and drugs as a way to prevent cancer, treat and fight against its progress, saffron has found a special position among patients. We recommend you consult with your doctor, before taking any dosage of saffron extract for curing your cancer type.

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