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Saffron HS Code and Custom Tariff explained

Many companies and individuals are involved in the business of saffron trading. To get involved in saffron international trading, the importer/exporter should have an idea of some specific information, such as the Saffron HS code and its custom tariff. Knowing saffron HS codes, which stands for Harmonized System Code in shipping, helps to proceed with custom paperwork and other necessities. This blog post is dedicated to the introduction of the saffron HS Code and Iranian/ Afghan saffron tariff rates to major destinations.

What is the HS Code of saffron for export?

The 09 HS code category refers to chapter 9: coffee, tea, mate, and spices, which narrows down into Ginger, Saffron, Turmeric (Curcuma), Thyme, Bay Leaves, Curry, and Other Spices – Ginger under HS code 0910. Under this, there is a saffron subcategory which comes by HS Code 091020.

Saffron can be considered as a major category which is followed by other sub-codes referring to saffron flower by-products. Check referred HS codes below: 

  • Saffron HS Code for export is 091020.
  • Saffron stigma HS code is 09102010
  • Saffron stamen is known by 09102020
  • And other by product is known by 09102090 HS code

What is the HS code for Saffron filaments?

Iranian saffron is produced in different types of All-red categories, Poushali or Filaments, Bunch, Ground or Powder, and style. Below, you can see the saffron HS code for powder and other types of Iranian saffron. In addition to the saffron type, the packaging weight is another variable that comes with a different HS code. Below, you can see the saffron and saffron oil HS codes:

09102010Types of all-red, Poushali, and bunch in less than 10g packaging
09102020Saffron powder in less than 10g packaging
09102030Types of all-red, Poushali, and bunch in 10-30g packaging
09102040Types of all-red, Poushali, and bunch in 10-30g packaging
1512Saffron essential oil

What is the HSN code for Kashmiri Saffron?

Different origins of saffron are introduced under the same HS code. Hence, the HSN, or Harmonized System of Nomenclature, code for Kashmiri saffron or Iranian saffron, plus other origins is the same. In India they know this system as HSN code with no difference in standardized codes. This is true for other related by-products of saffron. In other words, Indian saffron is also exported under the same HS code as Iranian products.

As below, we introduced top saffron exporters plus saffron import customs tariff from those countries, at the time of writing.

Which country has the most saffron export?

According to Statista, the global saffron production in year 2021 was near 473 tons, while Iran produced near 430 tons of this total.

Iran exports the most saffron in terms of dollar value and weight. According to Khorasan saffron association statistics, in the year 2021, Iran exported 270460 Kg of saffron at a total value of $136,071,050. The next year, 2022, Iran exports 156,293 Kg of saffron with a total value of $166,755,622.

The statistics perfectly show that Iran is the top saffron exporter in the world. 

2021 & 2022 Iran saffron export values

The decrease of Rial value and poor Iran economy led to a decrease of total dollar value income gained by saffron export. Plus, despite the fact that Iran is the largest saffron producer in the world, the statistics show that it has a small share of its 8-billion worth global saffron market.

When exporting goods, importers and exporters should also know the saffron import tariffs from major saffron producing countries to main saffron buyers.

Iranian saffron Applied Tariff and Preferential tariff to major export destinations: 

The below chart compares the Applied Tariff and Preferential tariff of Iranian and Afghan saffron to different saffron export destinations:

 Applied TariffPreferential tariffApplied TariffPreferential tariff
China2 % 2 %0 %
Vietnam15 % 15 %
Spain0 % 0 %
India30% 30 %0 %
Italy0 % 0 %
UAE5 % 5 %
Qatar5 % 5 %
Turkey30 %25 %30 %
Kuwait5 %5 %
USA0 %0 %
Australia0 %0 %
France0 %0 %

How to buy bulk saffron online?

Not all online Iranian saffron suppliers are trustworthy. To buy/order bulk saffron online, you need to find an experienced supplier company that is actively working in the supply chain, such as production and processing. SunLand, as a family-run business cultivates saffron and processes the product until finished. SunLand factory, and its production unit is located in Taybad city, as the third top saffron producer city in Khorasan Razavi, Iran. We produce and export different types of Iranian saffron to many countries and registered trademarks in more than 34 countries, making it possible to supply both bulk and retail orders.  For any saffron inquiries, please fill the order form in our website or email us directly.

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