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Saffron in Perfumery Industry

No wonder saffron has been widely used in perfumery industries. Many perfume companies take advantage of saffron flower and saffron petal in their special perfume formula. This precious plant is popular among perfume companies, especially French perfume companies, for its special aroma and fragrance. Not only saffron flower is used in the perfumery industry, but also saffron petals have gained popularity these days. Below, we are going to explore the use of saffron in perfumery. 

Safranal in Saffron

Safranal, one of saffron bioactive components, is responsible for saffron-like aroma and fragrance. Saffron fragrance is related to the volatile oil, which easily absorbs oxygen to produce a dense liquid, called Safranal. Oil essences cannot be commercially used. Instead, the saffron alcoholic tincture is used in the perfumery industry.

Perfumery companies are not able to use natural saffron for their Safrole component. Safrole component makes allergies and is prohibited in perfumery industry. Saffronal and lanierone components are known to be olfactory constitutes of the saffron flower, which are safe to use.

As mentioned earlier, not only saffron flower, but also saffron petals have found many applications in perfumery industry. Saffron petals, containing the same bioactive components as the flower, are also used in this industry.

How is the smell of saffron products?

Saffron Perfumery Product

Saffron products have an extraordinary fragrance. The smell is described to be leather-like, suede touch. Adding saffron to the perfume formula sharpens the leather chord of the final fragrance. As you encounter the saffron perfume, you probably feel the hay-like flavor, and the feeling of mother-earth taste.

The saffron perfume is accompanied by many other spices, such as clove, pepper, and cinnamon, or even with other flowers, such as rose and violet. Many middle-eastern saffron perfumes are associated with woody fragrances, which results in a very striking scent. The combination and formula can vary a lot because of perfumers’ creativity and saffron special scent.

Saffron scent, as nice as it smells, does not last long. That is why it needs some blending with various oils to produce some marvel, and full-buddied, mystic odor, which last longer on the surface. 

Older uses of saffron petal as perfumery

Around 2000 to 146 BC, in Ancient Greek, the saffron flower was used for changing the environment scent in many places, such as theaters, bathrooms, courts, salons, and so on. First of all, it used to be a royal perfume. After a while, ordinary people also used it for their homes.


In Greek myth, it is narrated that Cleopatra, the most famous Greek queen, used saffron-infused bathes before visiting a new suiter in order to enhance her sexual appeal. With respect to the early royal uses of saffron in Greek culture, it is normal to spread such myths to show the royalty of saffron perfumes.

Which companies have produced saffron perfumes?

Saffron Perfumery Product

Many companies have produced saffron perfumes for men and women. Here, we imply some examples of saffron perfumes by different companies: 

  • Saffron Flower Eau de parfum by Grasse
  • Noir de Noir by CopyCat 
  • Baccarat Rouge 540 by CopyCat
  • Presente & Future by Antiqua Firenze  
  • Black Pepper & Sandalwood, ODE by Acca Kappa
  • Eau Dada by Santi Burgas:
  • and many more…


How do perfumery companies use saffron flower or petals?

Using petals to make perfume

It is a secret! Perfume companies do not reveal their special formula for saffron perfume products. Therefore, little information has been leaked to see how perfume companies use saffron for their products. The saffron product formulas are confidential in order to retain their market share and the minimizes risk of competition in this market. All we know is that the market has shown interest in natural scents, like saffron and other fragrant herbals. Moreover, we know that most products are a combination of safranal and other essences, which result in a unique aroma.

Saffron perfumes are so popular for their nice and memorable odor. However, they are so costly, as their main ingredient is the most expensive spice in the world. The use of saffron petals, as the basic ingredients of saffron perfumes, are more cost-effective for such industrial uses. This precious safran by-product has made it possible to produce the same quality perfumes, at a much lower cost.

How to buy saffron petal and flower?

SunLand, an Iranian saffron supplier, produces and exports saffron flower, as well as petals, to middle-eastern and many European countries. Recently, SunLand has added saffron petals to its company product basket. SunLand provides new picked and dried petals for different industrial uses. The petals are dried under special condition, using specialized equipment. Petal and saffron flower orders at SunLand are processed so quickly.

Order Petals or Saffron Flowers.

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