saffron petal as fertilizer

Saffron Petal in Agriculture & Animal Feed Industries

Many will be surprised to know that saffron petal has many applications in the agriculture and animal feed industries, from simple bio-organic fertilizer in agriculture to animal feed supplements for different animals. Iran, supplying more than 90% of total saffron, produces a large quantity of saffron petals as well. Iranian saffron petals also have many other applications in different industries. For now, we focus on agricultural and animal feed applications and usages.  

Saffron Petal in Agriculture industry

saffron petal for agriculture

The basic usage of petals in agriculture is as bio-organic fertilizers. One study has shown that saffron petals form the best fertilizer for saffron plants, under specific moisture and temperature conditions. The results of this study show that a combination of 46% saffron petal, plus cow manure, under 65% to 75% moisture, at 24 °C temperature condition, produces useful fertilizer for saffron fields.


saffron petal for detection of rotting fruit

One creative usage of the saffron plant is to produce a biosensor calk sheet to detect decaying fruits. One agricultural study used petal spectrum by duplex spectrophotometer to check the function of petals in identifying decaying fruits. According to this study, petals contain Anthocyanin, which can turn into flavonoids in contact with an acidic environment, such as decaying fruit. As a result of this reaction, the calk sheet turns red if the fruit is decayed or is in the process of decaying. This biosensor, saffron petal extract, acts in 2 sec to 1 minute to detect the pH of the rotten fruit. This creative application of saffron petals to detect rotten fruits is so practical for the agriculture industry.


saffron petal for wheat and cotton germination

Saffron petals can also be used for the wheat and cotton germination process. Two studies have investigated the effect of petal extract on cotton and wheat germination. According to one study, different treatment levels of saffron petal’s water extract were used to test its effectiveness on wheat germination. The results of this study showed that petal water extract at 25% treatment level, that is low level of concentration, promotes wheat seedling growth. In addition to that, another related study explored the effectiveness of petals on germination and growth of cotton. In this study, the same level of petal extract concentration was found to be effective in promoting cotton germination and early growth levels.

     Saffron Petal in Animal Feed Industry

Iranian saffron petals have many more applications in Animal Feed industry. Generally, the use of saffron petals as animal feed helps to improve the growth performance of many animals. As in the rest, we’ll explore what useful applications are found in the Animal Feed industry. 

Experiments show that the use of petal hydroalcoholic extract positively improved male lamb growth performance due to its antioxidant activity. However, the use of petal hydroalcoholic extract did not affect the level of protein, cholesterol, triglyceride, etc. in sheep. Other therapeutic effects of petal hydroalcoholic extract include kidney and liver histological improvement and increasing renal and hepatic enzymes.

saffron petal for animal feed

On the other hand, another experiment shows that saffron petal extract improves plasma cholesterol levels, inhibits pancreatic lipase activity of male lambs as it contains crocin bioactive compound.

The benefits of dried saffron petals as an animal feed supplement have been further investigated for other ruminants such as cows, goats, deer, giraffes, etc. This main saffron by-product was found beneficial as a potential source of nutrition. The petals include below nutrition components:


1Crude Fiber11, 25%
2Ash7, 30%
3Protein6, 35%
4Total Carbohydrates71, 16%
5Palmitic Acid11.64%
6Linoleic Acid22.60%
Saffron petal nutrition components

Considering petal nutritious components, the petal by-product was found to be beneficial for ruminants as a feed supplement in both wet and dry seasons.

saffron petal for broiler chicken

Not only lambs and ruminants but also broiler chicken and hens benefit from petals as feeding supplements. Studies, which investigated hens and chickens, almost achieved the same results. Using Iranian saffron petals as animal feed decreased blood triglycerides, blood LDL, and blood cholesterol levels of hens. A Saffron petal diet also increases the blood glucose of the hen, as well as improving yolk color and cholesterol. Therefore, we can conclude that the use of petals as an animal feed additive can improve egg quality as well.  Saffron petal diet is also effective to improve animal diseases for its bioactive compounds. The use of petals, as an animal feeding supplement, improves their growth performance, liver function, antioxidant status, as well as their immune system for heat-stressed broiler chicken.

How to buy saffron petals?

This saffron by-product has been identified as valuable for many industries. Agriculture and animal feed industries are no exception to this fact. With respect to the above-mentioned industrial uses in agriculture and animal feed, many companies have shown interest in saffron by-product. SunLand supplies dried saffron petals for many industries, as our company adapted equipment and techniques to dry them in a standard environment. Therefore, Animal feed supplement producers, aviculture, and dairy farms, as well as agricultural companies can place orders for this valuable saffron by-product.  

Buy Iranian Saffron Petal

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