saffron petal in cosmetics

Saffron Petal in Cosmetics and Decoration

Saffron petals have already been known as saffron by-product. In recent years, some studies were conducted to explore saffron petal application in different industries. As a result, different industries showed interest in supplying Iranian saffron petals as industrial ingredients. This blog post will explore saffron petal application, specifically for cosmetics and decoration purposes, in more detailed information.

Saffron petals are produced after harvest and stripping level, and are supplied at lower prices in comparison to stigmas. However, this valuable part of the saffron flower, petals, and sepals, have been neglected for a long time. 

saffron petal in cosmetics

Saffron petal in cosmetics

Saffron petals have great usages in the cosmetics industry as it is rich in many practical bioactive properties, such as Crocin and safranal, Fitoterapia, and kaempferol.

The cosmetics industry benefits a lot from saffron petal antioxidant properties. Saffron petal antioxidant components include flavanols, flavanones, crocin, and crocetin. Researches claim that petals contain the same antioxidant level as what was found in its stigmas. Due to their high antioxidant properties, they are used to produce moisturizing and skin nourishing creams and skin beauty products. Saffron petals also help with natural skin hydration as well as reducing itching and stinging problems. Petal antioxidant effect is influential for skin repairing and correcting visible damage, brightening general skin tone, aging signs, and sun and pollution exposure damages.

saffron petal in cosmetics

In addition to that, saffron petal mitigates the redresses caused by inflammatory responses. 3 Inflammation is the result of different forms of skin disruption. Rosacea and eczema are examples of skin disorders that is caused by skin inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of petals block the effect of certain enzymes. Some studies have proved that petals’ content of flavonoids, tannins, and anthocyanins provides anti-inflammatory effects. The existence of crocin, Crocus glycosides, in petals contribute a lot to its anti-inflammatory effects. Taking advantage of the saffron petal anti-inflammatory effect, cosmetics producers have found saffron petals useful ingredients for such purposes.

Saffron petals are found to be effective in the treatment of second-degree burns. With the use of saffron bioactive properties, saffron-derived antioxidants, burn wounds are treated sooner and leave smaller wounds. Researches show that petals contain hydrogels, which absorb a large amount of water while retaining solid properties. Hydrogels and a rich amount of kaempferol and crocin in petals makes them an ideal ingredient for wound treatment and beautification.

saffron petal in anti-aging cosmetics

In addition to this, they are widely used to produce anti-aging cosmetics and creams. Many cosmetics companies use saffron petals as their main ingredients to produce skincare and inhibition of wrinkles. Petals’ scavenging activity is why many cosmetic companies find them useful in producing anti-aging products. Kaempferol and its glycoside, recently found in petals, slows down the process of natural skin-aging. These ingredients increase the production of collagenases, elastases, and hyaluronidases enzymes, which degrade the extracellular matrix. Petals’ antioxidant effect also has a great effect on reducing the speed of the skin aging process.

Saffron petals are also used in producing anti-UV products. Due to saffron anti-UV effects, saffron lotions are found to be more practical than the normal organic compounds in sunscreen. The existence of Quercetin flavonoid, as the prevalent antioxidant in saffron, and kaempferol fights against the bad effects of UV rays of sunshine.

saffron petal in cosmetic products

Saffron cosmetics products

As discussed above, the dried saffron petal is used as fatal ingredients in most day creams, anti-aging, lotions, moisturizers, anti-inflammatory products, or as a skin-lightening agent. In addition to saffron stigmas, cosmetic companies can benefit from the much lower price of petals for almost the same properties. 



saffron petal in decoration

Saffron petal in decoration

Surprisingly, the saffron petal is also used for decoration purposes in both fresh and dried forms. In some places, people use them as decorating items along with other flowers or herbals due to their elegant purplish color, rose-like scent, and softness.

Some ideas to decorate a space using petals:

  • Some scatter petals on restaurant tables,
  • Scattering purple petals storefronts or showcases, 
  • To use them with side-decorating items of your products for photographing purposes,
  • Or as passage decoration to excite the walking on pathways. 

How to buy saffron petals?

SunLand company, which is active in the trade of saffron products, can also offer saffron petals for different industries, such as cosmetics. SunLand monitors saffron production, in farms, from cultivation to harvest and final packaging. In addition to that, SunLand process saffron petals, using special techniques and equipment to dry them. Therefore, we are able to provide dried saffron petals for different uses. Already, our company has exported petals to few countries, as saffron by-product.

saffron petal inquiry

Inquire Saffron Petal

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