saffron price in India

Saffron Price In India

India is one of the saffron producing countries, with much lower production volume, compared to Iran. Most saffron sold in India is imported directly and indirectly from Iran, because Indian saffron supply is not sufficient to meet the demands in this country. Kashmiri saffron has unique quality and aroma, which is comparable to the quality of Iranian product. In this blog post, we analyze the price of Indian saffron and ways to buy Keshmiri saffron from different sources.

Saffron price in India

Indian saffron price depends on the supply condition of this product in Iran. For example, buying Indian saffron in the early days of harvest is more expensive, as everyone is looking for newly-harvested products (=high demand), while there is not enough inventory yet (=low supply). Considering the supply and demand rates and situations, the price of saffron varies.

Sometimes, given the challenges in the way of exporting Iranian saffron, the supply of saffron in the Indian market becomes low, therefore, the price of saffron in India increases in that specific period. As a result, it can be concluded that Indian saffron prices depend on many local and external variables, so it is hard to firmly quote prices.

In general, the value of Kashmiri saffron or Indian saffron ranges between 290 to 585 Rupees per gr (3.5 to 7 USD per gr) depending on the quality of saffron, type of packaging and product brand.

Kashmiri saffron

Indian saffron import rate and requirements

To import Iranian saffron to India, Indian suppliers require to obtain FBO License for the import of food and register themselves with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), plus possessing a valid import-export code. 

On average, Iran exports near 40 tons of saffron to India annually, from official and unofficial routes. Indian saffron importers require clearance applications, including COO, a Declaration on the regulatory status of food in the origin country, plus a free sale certificate. 

An original copy of the Phytosanitary certificate, issued in the origin country, must be accompanied by the consignment. In addition to that, food Authority officers require to receive sample analysis for health concerns. They also withdraw two samples of imported goods for testing purposes, in order to make sure about the quality of the product.

How to buy Indian saffron?

Many companies and individual traders import Iranian saffron to India, as this spice is widely used in Indian dishes and culture.

Indian and Iranian saffron is widely available in the market of Indian major cities.To buy Iranian saffron online in India you can visit the listed of online shops below:

Saffron in Indian culture

India is famous for its colorful festivals and happy events. The dominant color in most festivals, makeup, and dressing is red. Diwali is one of their famous events, in which they cook and eat saffron dishes such as:

saffron in Indian culture
  • Halwa,
  • Laddoo,
  • Barfi,
  • Peda,
  • Jalebi,
  • Soan papdi,
  • Roshogolla,
  • Rasmalai,
  • Sandesh,
  • Lyangcha,
  • Mohanthal,
  • Shrikhand,
  • Karanji,
  • Puran Poli,
  • Shahi Tukda,
  • Nevri,
  • Mysore Pak,
  • Payasam,
  • and many other.

Given the popularity of saffron (for its aroma and red coloring) Indian people use saffron in various events and for different purposes.

Final Word

Considering the popularity of Iranian saffron in India for its top quality, many Indian importers are looking for trustworthy sources to supply Iranian saffron. SunLand with years of experience and expertise in this industry has registered trademarks in more than 34 countries around the world. Our sales experts will help to identify your needs based on your target market requirements and accompany you through the stages of buying Iranian saffron.

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