saffron price in Turkey

Saffron Price in Turkey; Facts and Statistics

Turkey is one of the saffron producer countries, therefore; Turkish people really know the value of this beneficial spice. Saffron in Turkey and Istanbul markets is a popular spice among people. Aside from Turkish saffron, different qualities of Iranian saffron and Afghani saffron are available in this market due to the flow of immigrants and tourists to Turkey. Saffron users may wonder “What is the saffron price in Turkey?” This blog post explains the variables affecting the price of saffron in Turkey and how much it costs.

Saffron price in Turkey 2023

The price of saffron in Turkey is affected by several factors. The main saffron price variable in Turkey is the supply and demand of Turkish, Iranian and Afghani saffron and Iranian saffron global price. Turkey is the gateway to the European countries’ market and it has great potential to buy and sell saffron.

Each gram of Iranian saffron in Turkey is sold between 65-90 Lira, at the time of writing. The above-mentioned factors are responsible for different prices in this range.

Please note that the price of different types and qualities of saffron vary in different times of the year.

Where to buy saffron in Turkey?

saffron market in Turkey

You can buy saffron from Iranian shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and shopping centers in Istanbul, Ankara, and Van, plus other major cities of Türkiye. Online shops such as Sultan of Bazzar, Stamboul bazaar, grand Turkish Bazzar, and Ottoman Bazaar also sell saffron in Turkey.

Saffron suppliers in Türkiye

As the Istanbul market is the major buyer of Iranian saffron, therefore, there are a lot of saffron suppliers. You can buy saffron gifts and souvenirs all around Turkey. Saffron suppliers in Türkiye provide different types of Iranian saffron, mainly in Istanbul, Van, and Ankara. Plus, some Afghan tourists and companies imported Afghan saffron to Turkey.

Saffron export data to Turkey

Official Iranian saffron export volume in 2022 reached 550 kgs, while unofficial saffron export volume is far above this rate. A lot of Iranian tourists take saffron in their suitcases, as gifts or souvenirs or to sell them on their trip to Turkey. Legally speaking, they are permitted to take a small amount of saffron with them, while sometimes they are successful in transporting more than permitted.

Turkish saffron dish

Saffron dishes in Turkey

Turk people have almost similar taste with Iranian people. They use saffron rice, saffron chicken, saffron and cinnamon Turkish Halva, pudding recipes, different stews, ice-creams, saffron pilaf and goi berries, etc. Most of the above-mentioned dishes are prepared according to Iranian saffron recipes.

The required certificates to import saffron to Turkey

Many Turkish and Iranian companies and individuals import Persian saffron from Iran. They normally require to submit certain certificates to ministry of Trade and ministry of Customs and Trade to discharge goods in the Turkish ports. Bill of loading, invoice, packing list are the normal certificates that are required to export saffron to any destination. Beside those, Turkish saffron suppliers (purchasers) require COO, certificate of origin, Statement on Import Controls on Products Subject to Checks of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Statement on the Procedures and Principles for Customs Surveillance and Control of the Loading to successfully import saffron to Türkiye.  

SunLand Saffron company has registered its trademark in more than 30 countries, especially in Turkey, enabling us to trade saffron with most Persian saffron importers and local distributors around the world. As Türkiye is a neighboring country, they have many similar tastes to Iranian ones. This can be a good reason why Turkish people are also in love with saffron. With respect to the Persian saffron export volume to Turkey, this can be claimed Istanbul is a great market for saffron and similar products.

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