saffron price in vietnam

Saffron Price in Vietnam

Vietnam is not a major saffron producer as it lacks the ideal soil and weather condition. Saffron cultivation has been attempted in some parts of Vietnam, but it is not a significant or widespread practice. Saffron may be produced on a small scale in some areas of Vietnam, yet this does not suffice the country’s local demand. Saffron is called Nghệ tây in Vietnamese language. With respect to the fact that Vietnam imports high volume of Persian saffron, many players in saffron industry regularly check the fluctuation of saffron price in Vietnam. This blog post analyzes the Iranian saffron price in Vietnam and how you can find nghệ tây in this country.

How much saffron is exported to Vietnam?

SunLand saffron in vietnam

Before the Coronavirus pandemic and removing barriers of Iranian saffron export to China, annually between 25 to 35 tons of Iranian saffron had been exported to Vietnam for 4 years. 90 percent of this imported amount are re-exported to other countries by middlemen, and only 10 percent of this are used in Vietnam local market. According to Iran export statistics, during two recent years after Coronavirus pandemic, near 2000 kgs of Iranian saffron was exported, annually. Comparing statistics before and after coronavirus, you can easily identify a sharp decline of export volume to Vietnam.

How much is saffron in Vietnam?

Saffron price is dependent on several factors and it experiences a lot of fluctuations during a year.
The wholesale price of saffron is different from the retail saffron price. Most importers and distributors are looking for the best wholesale saffron price in Vietnam as the retail price is determined by local variables and changes.

At the time of writing, Super Negin saffron price is experiencing an ATH (All Time High) price, that is the price of one kilogram bulk saffron in Vietnam should be around $1240 to $1300. It is worth noting that the Iranian saffron import tariff to Vietnam is 15% and importer companies have to pay to the Vietnam government.

According to our market research, with respect to different packaging, types and qualities, the retail price of Iranian saffron in Vietnam market is between 35.000 to 220.000 Vietnamese Dong per gram (approximately 1.46 to 9.17 USD).

How to buy saffron in Vietnam?

buying saffron in vietnam

Saffron can be found in specialty stores, such as Saffron Việt Nam – Nhà PP tại Cần Thơ in Cần Thơ, or Saffron Việt Nam in Hanoi.

There are some online shops where you can order saffron in Vietnam, such as Saffron Only, Amazon, Shopee Vietnam, Lazada Vietnam, etc. Please note that it is risky to buy saffron from suppliers you don’t know, as there is a high risk of getting fake or adulterated saffron.





Use of saffron in Vietnam

saffron usages in Vietnam

Nghệ tây in Vietnam has gained popularity and it is used for cooking and medicinal purpose, face masks, beauty creams, herbal brewed drinks, etc.
Vietnamese use saffron in many recipes, as this spice is among the most commonly used flavorings. Vietnamese dishes such as:

  • Grilled Chicken Gizzard with Saffron (Mề Gà Nướng Nghệ),
  • Saffron chicken pho: a mix of classic Vietnamese noodle soup, with saffron-infused chicken broth plus traditional pho garnish
  • Sauces with chicken and saffron,
  • Saffron Sticky Rice with Pork Belly
  • Saffron Grilled Shrimp
  • Saffron-infused Rice Noodles
  • Saffron potato risotto with lobster bisque sherbet,
  • also, they use saffron to treat fish, eel, snail and frog
saffron applications in Vietnam

SunLand has registered trademarks in 32 countries including Vietnam, the EU countries, Turkey, Oman, and Switzerland. SunLand saffron has exported different types of retail packages to Vietnam market. In addition to that, we have provided pure Iranian saffron to many international destinations for more than seven years. To import bulk saffron to Vietnam, we recommend you get in touch with our sales experts and get the latest saffron price.



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