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The Best Saffron Wholesalers in Iran

While many companies are searching for a good saffron supplier, they may get confused about the quality of saffron in different countries. Different industries use saffron as an essential ingredient of their products; therefore, they may be looking for a way to buy bulk saffron. There are various ways to purchase the best saffron in the world. In this brief guide, we help you how to identify the best saffron wholesalers in Iran and how to buy saffron from them.

Which country produces the best saffron in the world?

With the expansion of saffron production in Afghanistan and Spain, the competition in the saffron industry becomes fierce. Each country produces special types and qualities of saffron, therefore, they have different characteristics and features. For example, Afghan saffron is different from Spanish saffron, in terms of quality and even appearance as they are grown in different climate conditions. 

First of all, we would like to answer the question of how to find the best saffron? 

The top saffron producer countries are Iran, Afghanistan, India, Greece, and Spain in terms of total saffron produced per year. In terms of quality, saffron produced in Iran is the best saffron in the world. This is mainly due to the existence of ideal weather and soil conditions in Great Khorasan. Iran produces various types of saffron including Super Negin, Negin, Sargol, Poushal, Bunch, and Ground (Powder) (All-Red, Filaments grades 1-4).

top saffron producing countries

About quality, prefer to buy from Iranian saffron wholesalers. Therefore Other countries such as Spain and Afghanistan produce weaker saffron as they are producing saffron in a bit different weather environment and soil conditions. To learn more about the characteristics of Spanish and Afghan saffron, we invite you to read both posts “Learn more about Spanish saffron” and “How Afghanistan Became a Saffron Producer?”

Choosing a country to buy saffron from can be determined by various factors. For example, you may prefer buying saffron from Spain, or India origins because they are geographically nearer to you, or they have less international trade restrictions compared to Iran. Also, transportation costs affect the final price of saffron. However, if you are planning to buy bulk saffron, buying saffron from Iran is more cost-effective, because you can place large volumes orders directly from the major saffron producer in the world, in which the final price of saffron is low for lower labor-costs. Other factors influencing your saffron country origin may include quality, product cost, special requirements, and so on.

On the other hand, some importers, who care, they should take transportation costs and some trade difficulties into account.

Buy Bulk Saffron from trusted Saffron Suppliers

SunLand Saffron bulk packaging

Individuals and trading companies in saffron producing countries, or in middle countries, can act as your saffron supplier, yet you need to consider the fact that choosing a proper supplier can greatly affect profit margin and your business future. Buying from saffron dealers, who are trying to attract supplier’s attention by offering low price in return for low quality saffron, is one of the most common mistakes when purchasing saffron. From our point of view, buying directly from farmers is not a good way to avoid dealing with middleman, in international scales. More than 90% of the saffron is produced by Traditional farmers, without having access to proper standard analyze, processing and packaging equipment. They also lack the required knowledge and tools to trade in international scales, which leads to significant losses for both parties. As a result, saffron importers should trust companies that are involved in all levels of saffron supply and value chain, who can make you sure that you will receive a standard product.

It is worth noting that due to Iran’s international trade restrictions, most of the products available in India, Afghanistan, China and Spain are Iranian re-packaged saffron. They import saffron from Iran, re-package, and re-sell indicating their own origin instead of Iran. This is why we suggested buying directly from Iran.

Where to buy Iranian saffron?

There are many ways to buy Iranian saffron, however, you should be aware of fake saffron, which can be supplied by untrustworthy suppliers. SunLand Saffron Company, with years of experience and expertise in saffron production and export, however; monitors the saffron production process from cultivation to packaging. SunLand, as an Iranian saffron wholesaler, tries to produce top-quality saffron in accordance with ISO 3632 standards. SunLand is one of the most reputable saffron producers in Iran and provides bulk saffron as well as consumer packaging. 

Now, another simple question may pop up. With all the trade limitations and difficulties with Iran, how we can buy saffron from Iran?

How to buy saffron from Iran?

If you are planning to buy saffron wholesale in Iran, you may be concerned about Iran’s special economic and commercial status in the world. Here, we want to assure you that buying saffron from an Iranian supplier is safe. 

For this purpose, we, SunLand Saffron Company, are considering tailor-made solutions to safely import saffron from Iran. In “How to Import Saffron from Iran?” we explained how to buy bulk saffron from Iranian suppliers.

To purchase Iranian saffron from SunLand, you are only one step away! Take that step by filling out our “Order Now” form.

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