Powder saffron

What is Powder Saffron?

Powder saffron is resulted from grinding any type of saffron, from Super Negin to bunch. Therefore, it gets the coloring and properties of that type of saffron. Powder saffron is one of the most affordable types of saffron, because no extra cost is involved for the stigma appearance characteristics. Powder saffron also doesn’t lose coloring and taste as long as they are kept properly. This time, we are going to analyze powder saffron, or ground, in more detail. 

What is Powder Saffron?

As powder is derived from different types of Iranian saffron, they retain the coloring power and properties of the initial type of saffron. Many companies produce powder type as it is easy to keep, use in cooking and sustain saffron properties. 

Powder will preserve its properties and coloring effect as long as they are kept away from any interaction with humidity and air exposure. If they are exposed to air, their fragrance will be lost. On the other hand, saffron properties will be lost in case they are kept in a humid environment. From a physiological point of view, powder will be more exposed to humidity and high temperature, comparing to saffron strands. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the type of container and its overall condition for keeping saffron. 

Not only powder type, but also all types of saffron should be kept in proper condition and containers. To learn about the best condition for keeping saffron, we advise you to check more details about “How to Store Saffron?”

How to produce saffron powder?

Powder saffron, or ground, will be produced through grinding dried saffron threads using mortars and pestles, or electric mixers. It is easy to produce powder saffron in your kitchen with mortars and pestles or saffron grinding machines.

Stone-made mortars are the best option for grinding saffron in the home. Metal or brass-made mortars will result in burning the stigmas and the loss of saffron coloring and properties. In addition to the type of mortar, the speed of grinding is a crucial factor to determine the quality of powder. Grinding with high speed will result in a great loss of saffron quality. 

Saffron stigmas should be completely dried. There are some special machines to dry saffron stigmas. Such machines are suitable options for industrial, mass saffron production. To dry saffron at home, some use an oven or stove to provide the necessary indirect heat. Oven heat is preferred as the saffron thread receives heat from all sides. However, the saffron should not be overheated in the oven as it burns quickly. 

Powder Usages

Powder has different usages in cooking and home dishes. Powder Iranian saffron is easy to use as they can be directly added to your dish. Some of the main usages of powder saffron are:

  • Suitable for home dishes,
  • Suitable for recipes with no liquid involved,
  • In dishes where no sign of saffron should be spotted,
  • And so on,

To gain some knowledge about different types of Iranian saffron, we encourage you to read “Types of Iranian Saffron.”

Powder price

Generally, the price of Iranian Powder saffron is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market. Powder saffron price may depend on:

  • The type of saffron,
  • The quality of the saffron,
  • Chemical analysis such as crocin, picrocrocin, (coloring power)
  • The time of harvest,
  • Saffron origin,
  • Bulk or retail purchase,
  • Other considerations in the market.

That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders. To buy powder saffron, it is advisable to evaluate its core, influential factors and only supply from reputable trusted companies.

How to Buy Powder Iranian Saffron?

SunLand Bulk Packaging

SunLand provides the best powder saffron as we monitor the packaging process and laboratory tests, using experienced experts. Powder saffron, or ground, should be supplied from reputable producers as there is a high chance of providing fake (added colorant) or mixed saffron. Some producers mix saffron stigma with artificial colorants, turmeric, or even sugar powder. That is why powder should be provided from reputable sources. Committed to customers, SunLand produces pure powder saffron for all customers from countries such as Hong King, China, India, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

Here, you can Order Powder /Filaments Persian Saffron

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