saffron crocus flower

What is Saffron Crocus Flower?

Crocus Sativus, the fall-flowering plant has gained much importance and fame around the world, for its incredible aroma and taste. Saffron has also been proved to be effective in improving human health and applications in industrial areas. This time, we introduce saffron crocus flower, itself.

This spice is also called the “Red Gold” for its extraordinary red hue and high value. In this post, we analyze how saffron merits this title.

Saffron crocus, or Crocus Sativus, is a valuable flowering plant from the Iridaceae family. The name of this plant is probably taken from Coricus, the name of a region in Cilicia, based in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Surprisingly, some historians even claim the use of saffron by Cleopatra, the ancient Greek queen. She used saffron, milk, and Holiogabal to take bath (From 202 to 222 B.C). 

Where does saffron come from?

Crocus Sativus, also known as autumn crocus, was also cultivated in Medes states, known as Iran country, nowadays. Some historians claim that saffron was cultivated on the Iran plateau during the Achaemenid era. Saffron was used to produce soda, perfume, and special pieces of bread. The plant was moved to other parts of the world, such as Spain and North Africa or England, after Alexander III of Macedon’s attack to Iran.

In Iran, saffron is mostly cultivated in Khorasan Province, including cities such as Torbat-Hedariye, Taybad, Kashmar, Gonabad, Gaen, Faruj, Sarayan, Torbat-e-Jam, Bajestan, Ferdos, and Birjand.

95 percent of saffron cultivation takes place in Khorasan, known as the land of Red Gold. Other provinces such as Esfahan, Kerman, Yazd, Markazi, Karaj, Fars collectively comprise the other 5 percent of saffron production in Iran.

saffron in Tybad

There are various opinions about saffron origin. Some relate saffron origin to a more extended geographical region of Greece, Turkiye, and Iran. This group believe that saffron, or what is called Kesar by Indian people, was then moved to India and China, as well as Spain and other western countries.

Traditionally, some refer to stigmas as the general name of saffron, for it is the most valuable part of this flower. However, recently, saffron petals have found incredible applications in different industries, making them valuable component of the saffron flower.

Saffron crocus flower consists of stigmas, stamen, petals, corms, bracts, and other parts, which are fully described in the “Get to Know Saffron Morphology” post.

Why is saffron called Red Gold?

Saffron is entitled as “Red Gold” for its high value and red color. Producing saffron is labor-intensive work it has its unique medicinal properties, aroma, and flavor.

The natural pigments of crocin and crocetin, present in saffron chemical ingredients, give saffron a rich deep red color, affecting the color of foods that they are used in.

On the other hand, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world for its complicated process of cultivation, harvest, drying, packaging, etc.

As a result, the title “Red Gold” reflects saffron remarkable red color, high demand, and value.

How to buy Persian saffron?

Persian saffron is known to be one of the most valuable spices in the world. Since saffron has found more usages than culinary and traditional uses, therefore, the demand for pure Persian saffron from many companies and industries has increased, in recent years. Sunland has been responding to the global saffron demand from different countries, including Afghanistan, China, Vietnam, Gulf countries, and European countries, for many years. SunLand offers pure Iranian saffron in consumer and bulk packaging, providing the required laboratory tests and standards.

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