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What is White Saffron?

White saffron or style, so called Konj, is the lower whitish part of a saffron thread. White saffron is the root of saffron threads, which has some health benefits. The root of saffron threads should not be misinterpreted by roots of the saffron plant. Some think style does not contain any properties. Contrary to this idea, white saffron contains many properties as the nutritious substances are transferred to stigmas through white saffron. Therefore, this blog post reviews the style characteristics an usages in details.

white saffron thread

What is White Saffron?

White saffran is produced by separating the white part of the saffron thread completely from the red stigmas. Some separate the whitish part of the thread while stripping each saffron thread. On the other hand, some cut the whitish part of the bunch of saffron wraps, separating white saffron all at once.

style is the cheapest type of saffron as they do not contain any stigma. this type has the lowest coloring power, as it lacks Crocin. That is why Konj is not used in case of coloring needs. Styles are used for some medical and health benefits.

Styles do not contain the same health properties of stigmas; however, they are useful as antidepressants, improving cardiovascular activity, sexual desire, skin hydration, and so on.

It is advisable to supply style from a reputable source, because some producers may dye the white saffron in red color, to produce fake saffron.

White Saffron Usages?

White saffron is normally used where the health properties of saffron are considered, as they have the lowest coloring power. White Zaferan is popular as it has special uses in culinary and different industries.

styles are being used in different industries such as

  • limited pharmaceuticals applications,
  • chocolate factories,
  • producing rock candies,
  • and cosmetics.

In addition to that, white saffron is used to

  • Bake cake,
  • Make rice Tahdig,
  • Soups,
  • Stew,
  • Syrups and beverages.

To gain some knowledge about different types of Iranian saffron, we encourage you to read ” Types of Saffron “.

Price of Styles

Generally, the price of Iranian white saffron is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market. style price may depend on:

  • Supply and demand rate
  • The stigma prices
  • The level of its saffron humidity
  • The time of harvest,
  • The amount of produced white-red strands,
  • The amount of produced uniform style.

That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders. To buy saffron threads, it is advisable to evaluate its core, influential factors and only supply from reputable trusted companies.


How to purchase white Iranian Saffron?

SunLand Bulk Packaging

SunLand offers all types of Iranian saffron in response to market needs. Style is also popular for different cooking or industrial purposes, for its properties and bio active components. Sunland offers white saffron in consumer and bulk packaging, based on customer requests. As our company follows modern standards and monitors saffron production from the initial stages of cultivation to the end level of packaging, we have fulfilled our claim to produce top-quality Iranian saffron.

Here you can Order White Persian Saffron

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