Saffron Benefit for PMS

Saffron Benefit for PMS

Women at the reproductive age experience PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) symptoms, once a month. The PMS is experienced one to two weeks before menstruation. PMS usually is the reminder of pains, fatigue, irritation, mood swings, anxiety, tension, depression, headache, breast tenderness, stomachache, or many others. Recent studies have found that Iranian saffron is effective in reducing the PMS symptoms, especially emotional types, such as depression, anxiety, and tensions. This is good news! This blog post explains how saffron benefits reducing PMS symptoms:

saffron benefit for PMS swing mood

Emotional effects of saffron during PMS

Many women take chemical pain killers, which were only used for body pains, such as headaches, stomachaches, etc. The other emotional symptoms remain in place. On the other hand, the regular consumption of saffron affects both physical and emotional symptoms. Women, who regularly take 15 mg of saffron extract, have reported fewer pains and symptoms. The bioactive compounds within Iranian saffron help women experience painless PMS.

Some women experience mood swings and depression during their PMS. In line with the results of similar studies, Iranian saffron was traditionally used to improve mood, treat mild-to-moderate depression, improve mood swings, by stimulation of serotonin production in their brains. Regular consumption of saffron will result in better emotional status. 

Moreover, the use of saffron eliminates tensions and anxiety by producing more serotonin in the brain and its relaxing effects.  

Physical effects of saffron during PMS

saffron & PMS

Women may feel stomachaches and cramps during PMS. Stomachache and muscle cramps are the most common physical symptoms of PMS. Saffron is beneficial for soothing smooth muscle cramps. The menstruation period begins with painful contraction of uterus muscles. Some even feel cramps and contractions in their feet. Persian saffron is the best herbal solution for such cramps. In addition to that, saffron boosts the flow of oxygen to the smooth muscles, such as the uterus. The muscle contract is usually due to a lack of enough oxygen flow in the muscle. Therefore, the use of Persian saffron will ease pain by improving the flow of oxygen in muscles. 

Some may have the tendency to eat more than before. Regular use of saffron can help them manage their appetite. Saffron help to control cravings, snack less, and stay full for a longer time. This even can help to lose some weight, in longer terms. 

How to use saffron for PMS?

You can add Iranian powder saffron to milk, tea, food, and desserts. To use saffron in your beverage, you need to let it cool down and simmer a pinch of saffron for some minutes. It is advisable to drink one in the morning and another at night, before going to sleep.  Please note that you don’t have to add much saffron to see its magical effects. Even a tiny pinch of saffron can do its work.

To experience better PMS, from now on, you’d better start using saffron. Three days before the menstrual cycle and continue using it in bleeding time.  You can’t expect quick results, it takes two to three cycles, to experience improvements in your pains, in case you use it before and during each menstrual cycle. Be cautious about your daily dosage of saffron and consult with a doctor if you are under certain health conditions. It is not advisable for women to use much saffron under special conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Therefore, we recommend ceasing any dosage of consumption in such situations. To learn more about saffron side effects on women please continue reading ” Saffron Side Effects on Women

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