Use of Saffron for ADHD

Use of Saffron for ADHD

Many people are suffering from ADHD symptoms, which makes their lives much more challenging than people who do not. There are many debates over the benefits and use of saffron for ADHD. Saffron has proved to provide many health benefits in many aspects, yet it is unclear if it is true for the symptoms of ADHD. In this blog post, we define ADHD disorder and analyze the effects of saffron based on current research results.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-ADHD

ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that typically begins in childhood and can persist into adolescence and adulthood. ADHD is characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that interferes with daily functioning and development. This widespread disorder is diagnosed and managed by healthcare professionals using evidence-based approaches, including behavioral therapy and medication.

The exact cause of ADHD is not fully understood, but it is believed to involve a combination of genetic, environmental, and neurological factors. It is estimated that ADHD affects around 5-10% of children and 2-5% of adults worldwide.

ADHD can significantly impact various aspects of life, including academic performance, work productivity, relationships, and self-esteem. However, with appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and support, individuals with ADHD can learn to manage their symptoms effectively and lead fulfilling lives.

How saffron helps to deal with ADHD?

Many studies have shown the positive effects of saffron in preventing or treatment of many disorders. As implied in previous blog posts related to health benefits of saffron, we are positively sure that saffron can be beneficial in the prevention of different cancer types and diabetes, improve sexual performance or improve vision and sleep, etc.

Some studies show that saffron can reduce ADHD symptoms. These studies confirm that saffron can be used as complementary therapy and acts as methylphenidate, which is used to mitigate inattention symptoms in ADHD patients. Saffron has also proved to be effective in treating hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD people.

An experiment analyzed the effectiveness of saffron extract accompanied with ADHD medicine, called Ritalin, on two control groups. One group used Ritalin, while the other group used this medicine plus saffron extract for 8 weeks. The results of this study show that those patients using ADHD medicine with saffron extract, including 1mg crocin per capsule, improved ADHD symptoms more efficiently than others. Therefore, saffron benefit for ADHD has been supported by many studies and scientific experiments.

On the other hand, although some studies have investigated the potential benefits of saffron for various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, there is currently insufficient evidence to support its use as a primary treatment for ADHD. Most of the research on the effect of saffron on mental health has been conducted in animal models or small-scale human studies, making it difficult to draw definitive conclusions.

Therefore, we do not recommend relying on saffron consumption for ADHD treatment, yet it can be used as a supplement to improve its symptoms

How to use saffron to treat ADHD?

It is best to use moderate levels of saffron in your diet. You can add saffron to different beverages such as tea, milk, juice, etc. Also, saffron can be added to your food such as rice, stews, soups, desserts and baked goods, sauces, etc. You can check our saffron recipe category to know how to add saffron to your diet.

 As described in this post, recently some crocin-based medicines have been produced to treat ADHD symptoms. Also remember that using 30 milligrams of saffron on a daily basis has a significant influence on your overall wellbeing. We recommend buying retail saffron packages and use in order to use and see the effects of saffron on ADHD symptoms.

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