Bunch Iranian Saffron

What is Bunch Saffron?

Bunch saffron locally called Dasteh or Dokhtar-Pich zafferon, is known as the base for other saffron types. This type of saffron includes full style length along with stigmas, all wrapped like a bunch. That is why this type is named bunch or Dasteh. Bunch is also known as red & white saffron, or filaments grade 4, in the global market for the coloring contrast of stigma and style. Dokhtar-Pich saffron is tied with a white strand after it has been dried. The use of white strands makes it possible to retain the cluster shape and weight of each bunch. Bunch is normally wrapped by a white strand eliminating the risk of strand coloring. 

bunch saffron thread

What is Bunch Saffron?

Known as the mother of saffron types, this saffron is packaged with no special changes, including all parts of the saffron. Still, some are interested in this traditional type of saffron as it contains both stigma and style. Technically, bunch includes three parts of the saffron:


  1. The whitish part of the saffron known locally as “saffron root” or style
  2. The yellowish style between the red and white part
  3. The reddish part is known as stigma or saffron.

Dasteh or bunch includes all saffron benefits, acting as another reason for their popularity. This saffron is called Dokhtar-Pich because traditionally women were in charge of saffron stripping, wrapping and drying saffron. As saffron stripping is labor-intensive and requires manual skill, women separate saffron long thread with great care and patience. Bunch coloring power, or Crocin level, is ranged between 120 to 150 Usp.  

Why Bunch saffron?

Some believe that the existence of style in this type is completely useless, while the studies have proven that styles balance serotonin or dopamine level in the body, activating a cheerful effect.  

In this type, the farmer has to provide the saffron as it is, without any coloring additive or blend with other types. Therefore, bunch saffron is publicly viewed as a trusted saffron type, as there is little chance of providing fake saffron.

Bunch has a competitive price, making it a suitable option for low-budget customers. The price of this type is much less than the same quantity of Sargol safran. However, the longer and thicker stigmas it contains, the higher its price becomes. On the other hand, the longer the style is, the cheaper it becomes.

Bunch Usages

Bunch saffron is used for purposes with lower coloring requirements. For example:

  • For home-made dishes
  • For recipes with less coloring need
  • For industrial uses in perfumery, pharmaceuticals, etc. as it contains all saffron benefits.

To gain some knowledge about different types of Iranian saffron, we encourage you to read “Types of Iranian Saffron.

Bunch Characteristics

Bunch has some distinctive features and specifications, which enables us to recognize Bunch Saffron:

  • Full length of style attached to stigma thread,
  • Little possibility of providing fake saffron,
  • Reasonable price for low-budget customers

Bunch price

Generally, the price of Iranian Bunch saffron is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market. Saffron price may depend on:

  • saffron color
  • the length of stigma
  • wrapped or unwrapped bunch
  •  Thick or weak stigmas
  • The time of harvest,
  • Saffron origin,
  • level of humidity
  • saffron crumbling level  
  • Other considerations in the market.

That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders.  To buy bunch, it is advisable to evaluate its core, influential factors and only supply from reputable trusted companies.

How to purchase Bunch Iranian Saffron?

SunLand Bulk Packaging

SunLand offers different types of Persian saffron for the local and international markets. Doing business with SunLand, the customer shall not worry about quality and order management as we produce the best quality saffron following world-class standards. From farmers to packaging staff are working in accordance with global standard requirements, aiming to produce the best quality of saffron products. As producing bunch saffron requires delicate manual skills, the company has the benefit of hiring the most skillful staff for packaging and stripping purposes.

Here you can Order Bunch Persian Saffron

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