Sargol Saffron

What is Sargol Saffron?

Sargol saffron, a subcategory of All Red saffron, is a widespread Iranian saffron type. Sargol is placed in the All-Red category as it only consists of the red stigmas of the saffron flower. Sargol Saffron, meaning “top of flower” in Persian, also suggests that only red stigmas are separated to produce good quality saffron. In this post, you will learn Sargol’s specifications, distinctive features, Sargol saffron price, etc.

Sargol thread
Sargol Size in Saffron Thread

What is Sargol Saffron?

Saffron Sargol, as a subcategory of All Red, is derived from stripping Poushal or Dokhtar Pich saffron after multiple and complex processes. Sargol is also called Sar Rishe, Sar Ghalam, or even Momtaz Saffron in Iran. Sargol has total red stigmas, with no sign of style or white saffron. This type can include broken stigma particles as it is obtained from Poushal. Pure Sargol coloring strength may be as high as Negin and Super Negin, as it lacks styles.
On the other hand, if the Sargol contains a bit of white saffron, its coloring power becomes relatively lower. The more broken particles and the wavy look it has, the lower the quality of saffron you get. This way, Sargol Momtaz, known as premium saffron and Sargol Grade One, will be produced.

What are the differences between Sargol Momtaz and Sargol Grade One?

Sargol Momtaz, or premium, contains few broken particles; in Sargol Grade One, more broken particles can be found. Therefore, in Momtaz, the stigmas are relatively larger and thicker than what you’ll find in Sargol Grade One. Sargol Momtaz quality has the highest coloring power in this type. It is due to its high level of crocin, which is more than 220 units.
Sargol’s different qualities are measured using factors such as the thickness of the stigmas, possible attached styles, and the volume of broken stigmas.
On the other hand, Sargol Grade one contains weaker stigmas, resulting in less coloring power than Momtaz. In Sargol Grade One, more broken stigmas are found compared to Premium quality. Grade One Sargol has good quality. However, it is called so for its weaker look and lower coloring power. Grade One Sargol crocin level should reach a minimum of 210. Otherwise, they are not considered as Grade One quality.
It is good to know that Sargol’s coloring power is much better than Poushal’s and Bunch’s types. Sargol may have different coloring powers depending on its saffron quality. Sargol coloring power may reach 290 to 300, in case they are produced under ideal production , which are considered suitable for any saffron. Usually, we will have between 230 to 250 crocin levels in Sargol saffron.

Sargol Saffron Usages

As most Iranian dishes require saffron additives, it is recommended to use Sarg for its taste and aroma. Sargol delivers a sufficient level of quality for home usage and professional cooking. Therefore, Sargol has also gained the title of ” The Saffron for Cooking” for retail users. Since ancient times, Sargol has been known as the most famous and popular type among Iranian people. This type of saffron has gradually found its way to European kitchens, such as in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Iranian consumers can provide Sargol in packages ranging from 0.1 grams to 20, even 50 grams, in the market.

Sargol Saffron Characteristics

Sargol top-quality saffron has some distinctive characteristics, which are listed below:

  • Saffron Stigmas are entirely separated.
  • Saffron stigmas are crimson red with no yellowish or whiteness at all.
  • Saffron stigmas have high coloring power.
  • Saffron stigmas have a great aroma.
  • Contains a high amount of Safranal and Crocin.

We encourage you to read “Types of Saffron.”

Sargol Saffron price

Sargol is cheaper than Poushal or bunch but cheaper than Negin and Super Negin Types. Sargol’s price also varies in its different qualities. The more enormous stigmas with no sign of white saffron and the fewer broken stigmas result in a higher price range.
Generally, the price of Iranian Sargol saffron is highly reliant on its quality and some crucial factors in the market.
That is why buyers need to receive price quotes before placing their orders.

How to Buy Sargol Iranian Saffron?

Sargol saffron
Sargol Saffron

As saffron is an expensive spice in the world, it is not wise to buy saffron threads from random online shops. SunLand supplies consumer and bulk packaging for export and local sales. SunLand monitors saffron production, from harvesting to laboratory tests and packaging, to export good quality Persian saffron to different countries. Some international companies, from Spain, Germany, UAE, China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. have already ordered Sargol Saffron in private and white labeling, as well as in SunLand special consumer packaging.

Here you can Order Sargol Iranian Saffron.

What is the difference between saffron Negin and Sargol?

Sargol saffron, unlike Negin saffron, has fractures in its stigmas. Negin saffron has a better smell and color than Sargol saffron.

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